Four reasons to make the switch to headless commerce.

Today’s online consumers demand personalized, cutting-edge experiences, which can prove to be a challenge for organizations working with outdated and legacy systems. That’s where the introduction of headless, modular solutions has turned the e-commerce space on its head.

A headless commerce platform handles transactional aspects of e-commerce—such as processing payments or handling order fulfillment—through an API-first modular approach. This approach allows you to integrate third-party solutions and offer best-of-breed applications to manage your e-commerce and offer your customers the enhanced experiences they expect. It’s clear that this modern approach to e-commerce has many benefits, so let’s explore the four main ways headless commerce is transforming business today.

The transformative benefits of headless commerce

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    Greater flexibility and time savings

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    Best-of-breed commerce integrations

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    Improved customer targeting

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    Consistent omnichannel experiences

Two heads are better than one

With all the benefits a headless commerce solution has to offer, the real balance lies in combining headless commerce with a headless CMS platform. A headless CMS platform manages content—like promotional and campaign content, deeper product descriptions, and testimonials—and enables content teams to manage, author, and publish content to a variety of different systems. This flexible approach means you can create dynamic, personalized customer experiences at scale.

Integrating these two headless technologies into a unified solution enables you to deliver a flawless customer experience throughout the entire journey. 

To fully understand how headless can transform your customer experiences, book a demo. And check out our whitepaper “Competitive Advantages of Headless Commerce” for a more in-depth look at how a headless approach and modular content can meet the evolving expectations of today’s online shoppers.

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