The marketer’s guide to a headless CMS

Get this ebook to discover actionable insights on crafting compelling omnichannel experiences, from optimizing SEO to seamlessly integrating personalized content, all within the versatile framework of a headless CMS.

Based on a popular blog series called Kontent loves..., this ebook will show you how marketers can utilize a headless CMS to provide fantastic omnichannel experiences for their target audience.

Nine chapters explain in detail how your marketing team can build landing pages, analyze the performance of your content and optimize it for SEO, personalize parts of your website, and even create ads and social media posts directly in the headless CMS.

In this ebook, you will discover:

  • The benefits of adopting the headless approach for marketers
  • SEO and A/B testing best practices for a headless CMS
  • How you can combine the headless CMS with tools such as Pardot, Google Analytics, and SEMrush
  • Why WYSIWYG editors do more harm than good to your content

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