Deliver the best customer care, always and everywhere.

Customers expect 24/7 support on their favorite channels. By managing knowledge in a central content hub, organizations can deliver the most accurate information to the right people at the right time. Powering self-service portals and chatbots to global contact centers, helps brands be their best.

Empower customers on their own terms

Create digital self-service experiences for customers who prefer it, keeping agents open to handle more complex cases. Use APIs to build the ultimate content source for multiple channels, from searchable knowledge bases and interactive web forms to the friendliest chatbots.

Support customer care agents globally

Regularly audit and update customer care content in the user-friendly platform that’s easy to organize, search, and filter. Empower agents and support teams with the best information at all times, improving the quality of care behind every ticket.

Put customers at the heart of business

Integrate into your microservices architecture, your way. Ensure a seamless flow of insights along the entire customer journey and personalize interactions with accurate, trustworthy information.

Increase customer satisfaction and trust

Equip every channel with customer care options, without added resources. Put editors in charge of content and copy updates – not developers – then have reflect those changes everywhere. This is API-first content management that everyone can get behind.

Customer Highlight: Alaska Airlines

Customer service agents at Alaska Airlines use to serve their dedicated mobile app information about what to do in case of a flight delay. Thanks to an easy to use headless CMS, updating instructions doesn’t require the help of a software developer – the content can be updated directly by the Policies and Procedures team. This helps Alaska Airlines respond quickly to any changes, and empowers team members to take control of their own content and publish to the channels they need.

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