We are no longer accepting applications for interns in Brno, but you can still apply for an internship in Olomouc!

Would you like to apply when we have free spots again? Scroll down and read about what the Academy has to offer. Interested in kickstarting your IT career in a global company? Contact our recruiter Matěj using the button below, and let’s stay in touch!

What is Kontent.ai academy?

It is the perfect place to grow your IT skillset. Want to crack the code to your future IT career, but not sure where to start? Dreaming of becoming a developer, but lack practical experience? Come to Kontent.ai Academy; we’ve got you covered.

You’ll work on an actual product—Kontent.ai—and gain the necessary experience to become a true professional in the field. Kickstart your career while still at school!

About Kontent.ai & why you should join us

We’re a SaaS company with an award-winning content management product. Our headless CMS is the next generation in content management and the next step for businesses in today’s digital transformation. 

Want to work on a product that has an impact worldwide? This is your chance. We’re global, we’re established, and we’re looking for new talents like you. Ready to meet us in person?

What you can expect

For 6 months, you’ll become a part of a small agile development team. You can work remotely or from the comfort of our offices in Brno or Olomouc—the choice is yours. The whole program will be divided into two parts:

  1. Intro to technologies and supporting tools we work with: First, you’ll learn how to use Jira and Git, tools that’ll make it easier to organize your work and collaborate in a team. Then, with the help of our mentors, you’ll use mock projects to try the technologies we use at Kontent.ai. And what happens after? 👇
  2. Working on a real product—Kontent.ai: You’ll go through the entire lifecycle of making product improvements. You’ll have a chat with our product experts, decide what needs to be done and create a solution proposal with the help of your mentor. Then you’ll write the code, perform a code review, test it and finally release it.

I learned how to give and receive feedback, work in a team and, most importantly, not be ashamed to ask others for help.

Petra RebrošováDeveloper

In Kontent.ai Academy, I broadened my horizons of coding in practice. I learned a lot of new technologies and met great people. On top of that, I was finally able to imagine specific things and procedures under all those buzzwords in job offers.

Jiří LojdaDeveloper

What you'll learn

  • JavaScript best practices and modern frameworks in the product (e.g., ReactJS or TypeScript)
  • Backend technologies from Microsoft, .NET 6.0, and C#
  • Creating automated tests using Selenium and Playwright
  • Principles of agile development
  • Teamwork and soft skills
  • ... and much more!

You’ll be working and growing your skillset with the guidance and mentorship of our experienced developers. They’ll let you in on their secrets to writing sustainable code and testing it properly so that you can become a true professional in the field. 

The internship is packed with workshops, lectures, and practical projects, but you can also choose from our variety of soft skills training courses. If we turn out to be a great match, you can join our team of developers full-time!

Let's start the journey

Our Kontent.ai internship is mainly for IT students, ideally with basic coding experience and about 20 hours a week to spare. Have you already worked on a project? Do you know at least one object-oriented language and feel comfortable around web technologies? Can you read foreign code? Can you speak and read the documentation in English? Let’s meet!

Everything you need to know

Reach out to our recruiter

Are you interested in our internship? Do you have more questions or need some clarification? Reach out to Matěj, our recruiter, who will be happy to help.

Meet our mentors!

On your journey through Kontent.ai Academy, you’ll have the guidance of our trusted mentors and experienced developers.

Ondřej Valeš
Developer & mentor at Kontent.ai Academy in Brno

David Mička
Developer & mentor at Kontent.ai Academy in Olomouc

Are you ready to start your IT career in a global company? Develop your future with Kontent.ai!

Reach out to our recruiter

Come work on a real product, gain practical experience and learn from the best. Start your professional journey with Kontent.ai.