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Working on content in the headless CMS

Elevate your large-scale content operations.

Collections let enterprises manage all their content in a single repository, freeing it to be shared across teams, websites, and channels without losing control.

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Eliminate content silos.

When your content is spread across various systems, you lose control of your customers’ experience. Collections free you to move all that content into a single repository to maximize consistency while catering specific messages for regional markets and business divisions.

  • Organize it your way.

    Organize content to best fit your business structure, initiatives, or channels. The permission model defines which activities each user can perform while simplifying the experience so editors only see the content they’re intended to update.

  • Share content.

    Global content can be shared across the enterprise while individual teams maintain their own portion of the repository, utilizing global components when needed.

  • Centralize governance.

    Configurations, content models, and policies are managed in a single location and applied to all Collections. Changes to these settings get applied automatically without needing to synchronize them across repositories.

  • Empower teams.

    Regional teams and specialized departments know your customers the best. Collections give them control over who can manage their content and lets them adopt policies that best fit their needs.

Collections enable content to be shared across digital experiences.

Take your regional websites to the next level.

Collections remove the need for isolated content silos, letting you combine global content with localized variants and empowering regional marketing teams to create the perfect experience for their markets.
Best of all, these teams will utilize their own policies and processes to create messaging, campaigns, and landing pages that best fit their audience.