Glad you could join us at Jam in the 6ix.

It was great to connect in Toronto and chat all things headless, commerce, and composable! We’re loving the enthusiasm surrounding the opportunities, innovation, and results that come with true composability. Let’s build on that conversation. 

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Adopt a Composable DXP Strategy to Future-Proof Your Tech Stack

Get your complimentary copy of this brand-new report by Gartner to learn how you can future-proof your tech stack using the composable DXP approach.

Why composability, why headless – and why now?

Many companies have left their traditional platform DXP for a composable architecture, benefiting from the sought-after flexibility that allows them to create the right experiences for customers on their preferred channels. Here are some key reasons why customers have made the switch to Kontent for their CMS. 

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    No vendor lock-in

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    Real flexibility, right now

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    Performance, speed, security 

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    A single source of truth

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Customer Success

A composable Jamstack DXP helps American Bath Group deliver content faster.

A traditional monolith DXP hinders digital innovation and agility for brands. Feature sets may be bloated, effort duplicated, and teams & data often siloed. By investing in best-of-breed solutions and using Kontent as their headless CMS, American Bath Group was able to successfully migrate 10 sites with more than 50,000 products in just 8 months!

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Coming from a monolith CMS and pseudo-SaaS content management world, is a breath of fresh air. Because Kontent’s APIs are developer-friendly, we can finish projects faster and enable our clients’ marketing teams to go to market quickly. Plus, the user interface is really intuitive, allowing us to get meaningful work done in no time. 

Akshay Sura, Partner, Sitecore Technology MVP 2014-2018, 2020, Konabos

Experience the results of going headless

Kontent has helped global organizations:

  • Eliminate resource-intensive implementation cycles, difficult deployments, and downtime
  • Lower infrastructure costs and make deployments 600% faster
  • Experience a faster time to market and greater team bandwidth
  • Unsilo content and collaboration across channels and brands
  • Improve content consistency and reusability
  • Deliver faster page loads and better search rankings

Choosing Kontent as a headless CMS as part of a composable Jamstack DXP model, everything works together to drive success in record time. 

The best way to work with your content

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Composable DXP explained.

Why are organizations moving from Monolithic to Composable DXP, and what benefits does it bring?

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