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Sitecore offers a lot of features. But it also comes with a big price tag, lots of rigidity, and creates inertia that makes it hard to shift course. By switching to, companies reduce their costs, prepare for the future, and experience more return on their content.

Reduce costs and increase return on content

A Sitecore license may be pricy, but it’s not the only expense you need to consider. Upgrades, maintenance, and training all come with a cost, too. offers significant cost savings, eliminating maintenance costs and requiring far less training. And it also helps developers and marketers bring higher quality content to market faster, leading to an increased return on any content investments.

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Content costs reduced 80%

Discover how helped a composite organization deploy new content 90% faster and achieve a 320% ROI in the commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study by Forrester Consulting.

Ensure your content strategy is future proof

The world of content is changing rapidly. New developments around AI are changing the way everyone works with content. Choosing means choosing a future-proof partner for your content strategy. The platform is fully committed to embracing an AI-assisted future, and already provides ways to take advantage of AI accelerators to more quickly write, edit, categorize, and translate content, with more on the horizon.

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With AI in, we can work more efficiently, and produce work on a greater scale. It’s faster to create text, to translate it, and to generate more variants, which helps us to create more personalized content that resonates with our customers.

Marc LamotheDirector of Web Technology, American Bath Group

Grow with sustainable foundations

Major Sitecore changes and upgrades can be prohibitively expensive, both in terms of time and money. offers a future-proof solution. Since is cloud-native, upgrades are handled automatically. And new features, including AI-assistance, come out regularly, keeping you ahead of the competition.

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Customer highlight: Elanco

Global animal health company Elanco uses to bring content to life across more than 300 sites. Over 100 marketers work together in the platform, taking advantage of the full range of’s collaborative tools. Now they go from a concept to a live campaign in weeks, instead of months with their previous solution.

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Explore an alternative to Sitecore

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