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Working with Sitecore means spending development time on maintenance, learning their system, and worrying about upgrades. is the exact opposite. As a true cloud-based headless CMS, there’s no complex system, maintenance, or upgrades to worry about. Just focus on creating the best experiences, using your favorite tools to do so.

Develop faster with a headless CMS

With, there’s no complex system to learn. You can get up and running quickly with well-documented APIs, SDKs for all major languages, and sample apps to get a head start. Work with clean, structured data and build whatever experience you want, faster than ever before.

Team meeting has helped us break out of our content silos, greatly improving our bandwidth and team collaboration across multiple channels and brands. Now, we don't have to pull data in from two or three different places, or make sure that it's being duplicated where it needs to be. We pull from the same source, and it’s really easy to syndicate that data out to where we want it to go.

Marc LamotheCMS Systems Administrator, American Bath Group

Save time on maintenance and upgrades is a true cloud-native solution. That means no more time spent on software upgrades and maintenance, and more time to spend on critical development work. What could you do with the extra development time?

Team meeting

Customer highlight: Algolia

Algolia, the leading Search and Discovery Platform provider, needed to support their growing content operations with a more powerful platform. helped them give their marketers independence to create content without requiring developer support. Developers also got back more time to focus on their own tasks.

Team meeting

Ready to scale with your business offers excellent performance and reliability even as your content needs grow to staggering amounts. Universities, publishers, retail giants and more rely on to serve their content needs. When reliability and scale are important, is ready to provide, with a secure and trusted solution.

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Customer highlight: Elanco

Global animal health company Elanco uses to bring content to life across more than 300 sites. Over 100 marketers work together in the platform, taking advantage of the full range of’s collaborative tools. Now they go from a concept to a live campaign in weeks, instead of months with their previous solution.

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