Managing multiple websites and previews efficiently

Even when organizations need to be able to reach their audiences on various devices and channels, websites are still the main point of contact for communicating with customers. As many organizations have multiple websites for varied business offerings, and branding and marketing purposes, it might be challenging to keep track of all content updates. With’s latest releases, you can easily have control over all that content and speed up the time to market.

  • Manage multiple websites with spaces: With spaces, you can manage multiple websites under one project. Spaces allow you to easily reuse content across websites while producing website-specific content at the same time. You can configure and view your preferred spaces on the environment level.
  • Set up multiple previews: Along with spaces, you can now also set preview URLs for specific websites. Having multiple spaces and previews enables content creators to not only easily find and edit but also preview content in the context of specific websites. Once you set up space domains and preview URLs, content creators can simply select the right preview to use when editing a specific content item.
  • Work with content for multiple websites in a single Web Spotlight project: Last but not least, we added multisite support to Web Spotlight, so content creators can easily find and edit the content for multiple sites within a single project. For example, when you have four spaces, you can create a page tree and a preview for each of them.'s Web Spotlight
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