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Common problems of insurance companies include:

  • inconsistent content across digital touchpoints that can discourage your clients
  • content duplication that can hurt your online rankings
  • outdated content that no longer reflects your brand identity
  • inability to cooperate effectively with others that slows down the content creation process

Adopting a Content-as-a-Service solution solves all these problems, resulting in consistency, smooth delivery of valuable and relevant information to your clients, and higher ROI of your content production.

If you'd like to see Kontent in action, you can attend our webinar or schedule a free 1-on-1 personalized demo focused on Kontent's features that will help your insurance company gain a competitive advantage:

  • all your content in one place
  • full control over your entire content lifecycle
  • easy content updates and changes
  • real-time cross-team collaboration
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Deliver consistent experience across channels.

Create content once and reuse it on your website, online store, mobile app, social media, chatbot, and any other channel.

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How to get into your writing flow with Kontent.

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