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Publish better content with workflows.

Improve the way teams work together, from content planning to execution. Keep processes moving using flexible workflows so that content is published on time and on brand.

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  • Collaborate in one place.

    Define specific stages and roles in your workflow. Get everyone who’s involved in the process on the same page, without ever leaving the Kontent platform.

  • Govern processes securely.

    Make sure errors and rogue posts never slip by your team unnoticed. Set clear permissions to keep your brand reputation safe and intact.

  • Approve content with ease.

    Define multiple workflows based on different types of content. Loop in subject matter experts to approve content that’s accurate, consistent, and compliant. 

  • Stay flexible in your set up.

    Don’t get stuck in an endless feedback loop. Change workflows anytime to improve efficiency, encourage content reuse, and support your digital strategy.

Fine-tuning team collaboration.

Flexible, governed, and smooth. Your workflows in Kontent by Kentico.

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