Webinar recording

Sneak Peek: Audit Log for Enterprise Content Operations.

In this video, you will discover:

  • An overview of how Audit Log and other recent additions improve enterprise content operations 
  • How Audit Log helps troubleshoot issues in your websites and applications 
  • Why we’ve focused on changes to content types 
  • Our vision for improving enterprise content governance in the future 
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Q&A from this webinar:

Which plans have access to Audit Log? How can we get it if it’s not in our plan?

Kontent Response: Audit Log is included in all Enterprise plans, as well as the Partner plan for Premium partners.  Additionally, this feature is available in our Free Trial so that non-customers can check it out as part of their evaluation of Kentico Kontent. 
If your current plan doesn’t include Audit Log, please contact the Kentico Kontent Sales team to discuss an upgrade: kontent@kentico.com

Does the Audit Log cover (or are there any plans for it to cover) CRUD actions for things such as Users, Roles, Environments, Collections, Localizations, API keys, Webhooks, etc.?

Kontent Response: Currently, Audit Log is focused on actions related to changes with Content Types, with plans to extend this coverage in a future release. If you have suggestions for which objects and actions would be beneficial to include, please share your input with the Kontent Product team.

Is it possible to audit every content item a particular user has updated? 

Kontent Response: The current version of Audit Log is focused specifically on logging changes to content types & content snippets. Kontent’s full-text search is the best solution to view content items that have been updated by a specific user.

Do you expect to add the ability to control access to Audit Log in the future? Perhaps based on roles?

Kontent Response: This is one of the improvements we are currently considering for a future release of Audit Log. You can view the items currently being considered on our public Roadmap and submit your vote for the features that are most important to you.

Can I export the log? 

Kontent Response: Currently, the log is available only within the Kontent UI. Based on customer feedback, we will assess whether to make this information available through other means (e.g., download) in a future release.

What if I open (create a new version) a content model just to see what is in? Is that also logged?

Kontent Response: Currently, the Audit Log tracks the Create, Update, Delete, and Restore events for each content type. If you’d like to see other events within the Audit Log, please let us know so we can discuss your use case.

In the bank industry specifically, is there any security applied?

Kontent Response: We follow all industry security standards as can be seen on our Security Policy page. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.