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Introducing ACTUM Digital, our December 2023 “Partner of the Month.” Take a look at their brand story and why we love our partnership!

Lucie Simonova

Published on Dec 4, 2023

Meet Actum

As a widely recognized implementation and consulting partner with over 26 years in business, Actum empowers organizations to outperform the competition with their digital platforms. Based in the Czech Republic, with additional offices in the Netherlands and Germany, they offer comprehensive services in managing experiences, commerce, business processes, content, and data at scale. 

Actum specializes in complex international implementations involving dozens of languages and millions of SKUs. They offer a full-scale service that includes identification of business needs, UX/UI design, and content migration. Their team has extensive experience with API-first integration layers, microservices architectures, and back-end integrations. 

What are they about?

From humble beginnings to digital leaders 

ACTUM Digital’s origins trace back to July 1996 in the Czech Republic, when university freshmen Jan Havel, Petr Chaloupka, and Ratibor Líbal founded the company with a spirit of curiosity, initially focusing on multimedia services like PowerPoint loops and interactive shows for trade show exhibitors.  

This small venture, starting in a modest, windowless cellar room, quickly adapted to the burgeoning internet era, shifting its focus towards web design and dynamic website development by the late 1990s.

Over the years, ACTUM Digital evolved into a leading digital agency, embracing new technologies and market demands, which enabled its transformation into a major provider of innovative digital solutions and services across Europe, renowned for its expertise in managing complex digital experiences. 

Today, Actum has a strong record of success with 100+ satisfied B2B, B2C, and B2B2C clients such as Christie’s, METRO AG, Uponor, CONRAD Electronic, Schott, LaLorraine, Allianz GI, Societe Generale, and more. 

Trust, leadership, and partnerships are at the heart of Actum

At the core of Actum’s values lies a profound commitment to people – their team members, clients, and partners alike. They trust their people to make the right decisions and stay loyal to the higher goals, they trust the clients to build mutually beneficial relationships, and they trust partners to provide the best technology that delivers value from day one. 

Embracing leadership as a guiding principle, Actum takes the responsibility to lead both their employees and clients towards success and better lives. In addition, Actum thrives on the essence of partnerships – they believe that building strategic partnerships where everybody wins and prospers is the way to have a lasting impact in the world. 

Technologies change quickly, making it hard for companies to keep up. In rapidly changing business environments, brands need our teams of experts who deeply understand industry-specific challenges and how to solve them by combining these technologies to create best-in-class, robust, composable solutions that power their digital strategies and elevate customer experience (CX).

Klaas-Jan MeijerDirector of Digital Transformation at ACTUM Digital & Strategy MVP

Your trusted source for quality and security

In today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, security is the cornerstone of trust. With that in mind, clients can rest assured that they will be in good hands with Actum. 

Actum is ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001 certified, ensuring their services meet the highest standards of quality and security. They are also TISAX certified, which enables them to handle sensitive information for clients in the automotive industry. 

Why Actum

Actum helps clients easily manage content and deliver top digital experiences to customers across all digital channels. Let’s take a look at what makes Actum a powerhouse in the industry:

  • Certified experts with over 26 years of experience in implementing end-to-end digital solutions 
  • Deep platform know-how applied throughout the project lifecycle 
  • Accelerated development – through their unique accelerator with a set of customizable components, they can substantially reduce the time to market 
  • Long-term 24x7 solution support and maintenance for all world regions 

At ACTUM Digital, we provide the digital ecosystem, strategy consulting, change management, implementation and ensure platform adoption to make our client’s digital transformation programs succeed.

Klaas-Jan MeijerDirector of Digital Transformation at ACTUM Digital & Strategy MVP

Partnership in action

Over the years, a strong partnership has flourished between Actum and, benefiting numerous successful business leaders, such as Billa. Currently, and Actum are working together on a major project for a Swiss manufacturer of mobile and industrial filters. 

Stepping into the forefront of innovation, Actum has not only cultivated a history of successful collaborations – it has also pioneered groundbreaking solutions. Actum has developed the Actum Headless Accelerator, a cutting-edge product that streamlines implementation and reduces costs while utilizing the latest technological advancements. 

A win for a leader in clean code  

Using MACH architecture and’s headless CMS, Actum helped build a fast website for an industry leader in solutions supporting developers to generate clean and high-quality code.

Faced with the challenges of a legacy CMS, the business recognized the need for technological evolution. After careful deliberation, they entrusted Actum with the implementation of’s headless CMS, drawn by Actum’s deep understanding of the platform and a certified development team. The transformation has been substantial, resulting in a dramatic cut in CMS and website development costs. The new headless solution has streamlined both development and maintenance processes significantly. 

The benefits extend to the end-users too, who now enjoy a swifter, smoother website experience with enhanced load times. In essence, our headless CMS has delivered an 80% increase in website speed and a 35% reduction in development time and costs, marking a milestone in user experience and operational efficiency. 

From the start of our partnership with, we at ACTUM Digital have been impressed by their dedication to changing the way we work with digital content. We believe their mission is crucial for the next step in digital transformation. Working together, we’re using’s innovative tools to improve how businesses handle and share content across various platforms. Our joint effort is focused on simplifying and enhancing digital content strategies for businesses around the world.

Ratibor LíbalCo-founder & Strategic Alliances, ACTUM Digital

Digital transformation strategy for an expert in filtration solutions

For a leading Swiss manufacturer, Actum is now crafting a digital transformation strategy with’s headless CMS at its core, selected for its flexibility and seamless integration across a diverse digital ecosystem.  

Initially, the client’s growth and scalability were hampered by outdated legacy systems. In close collaboration with the client’s main players, Actum is deploying the versatility of to centralize content management, enabling uniform content distribution through various channels, including web, mobile, print, and more.

Even in these early phases, the transition towards, along with the integration of other technologies, is forming a streamlined ecosystem. This approach is already simplifying content workflows, eliminating redundancies, and minimizing manual effort.

As the anticipation builds for a full-scale launch next year, a more fluid user experience is already apparent. Thanks to a more cohesive content strategy and a robust, scalable digital framework, substantial improvements in conversion, sales, and profitability can be anticipated. 


  • Fully MACH-compliant headless architecture 
  • The best content governance capabilities for large, complex organizations 
  • Native AI CMS capabilities 
  • Return on content 

This is what Klaas-Jan Meijer, Director of Digital Transformation at ACTUM Digital & Strategy MVP, says about us:

“ offers a fully MACH-compliant headless architecture with a best-in-class content management experience. Its real-time content collaboration capabilities allow large, complex organizations to transform their content operations at scale.

In addition, it has the best content governance capabilities for large, complex organizations with workflows, permissions, policies, collections, and spaces designed with the business users in mind. Business areas, units, centralized teams, countries, and external partners can easily collaborate from a single source of content truth.

Third, with its native AI CMS capabilities, it turbo charges content creation, localizations, and brings tremendous speed and efficiency gains to companies while offering the highest security and data privacy standards with full GDPR compliance.

Lastly, it helps organizations achieve a return on content by providing end-to-end visibility across the content lifecycle of how your content is performing and offering insights for optimization, including an AI co-pilot. Across the content lifecycle of how your content is performing and offering insights for optimization, it has become a critical tool for driving growth.”

Drive digital transformation with ACTUM Digital

Make sure that your organization has the right tools to drive digital transformation. Get in touch with our “Partner of the Month,” ACTUM Digital, and their team of professionals will help you shape and grow your business in the current digital age. 

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