Introducing Luminary, a leader in digital experiences

Say hello to Luminary, our September 2023 “Partner of the Month”! See why we’re such a big fan and what they’re all about.

Amber Bartholomeusz

Published on Sep 1, 2023

Meet Luminary

For your digital experiences to truly resonate, you need the right people and the right technology. That’s why we’re celebrating Luminary, our September 2023 “Partner of the Month.” 

As a leading independent agency in Australia, their diverse digital skill set has led them to deliver enviable results for their clients. What truly sets them apart is their focus on human experience, which has elevated their results and earned them numerous industry awards.

What are they about?

Keeping clients in the spotlight 

With almost 25 years of experience, Luminary are no stranger to keeping their clients in the spotlight and their needs firmly in focus. Navigating the market is different for every agency, but Luminary define themselves with their three-phase ‘explore, build, and grow’ philosophy.  

From strategy and UX design to implementation, their approach underpins how they empower clients to deliver exceptional end-to-end digital experiences. Once digital assets are launched, Luminary maintain support – ensuring their clients extract every ounce of value from their digital investments.  

Bringing the mid-size touch 

Luminary aren’t the biggest agency, but the breadth of their expertise would have you thinking otherwise. As a mid-size independent, they’ve been able to cherry-pick their experts, growing a digital team with diverse skill sets without dropping their personal touch.  

For their clients, Luminary’s deep platform expertise impresses time and time again. Their experience and knowledge of is something that’s replicated across other platforms. It’s a big differentiator and showcases how adaptable and focused their solutions are.  

So, when it’s time to add value, they deliver. Whether that’s increasing donations for non-profit organizations, improving investor relationships in financial services, or increasing sales of consumer products. Luminary get invested in client objectives, building genuine relationships, and delivering long-term impact. 

We offer the deep strategy, user research, design, and implementation of a large consulting company with the personal touch of a small independent.

Adam GriffithDirector and part-owner, Luminary

Driven by human experience  

Every new year as an independent is a huge milestone. Luminary stands out by producing exceptional work and nurturing a positive workplace culture. It’s no surprise they’ve been repeatedly named one of Australia’s best places to work, with their high standards earning them a coveted B Corp Certification. Externally, the quality of the work Luminary delivers has been recognized with numerous high-profile industry awards.

Andy Thompson

We’re driven to do more than just make great websites. We want to have a positive impact and make the human experience brighter for everyone.

Andy ThompsonCTO, Luminary

Versatility comes as standard  

Luminary don’t shy away from working with clients across any industry where digital experience matters. They’re helping drive the experiential difference that consumers, members, or donors need to find and understand crucial information for their decision-making.  

Their expertise in the not-for-profit space is well known, having worked with most of the big charities in Australia, including UNICEF Australia, Save the Children, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Heart Foundation, Salvation Army, Cancer Council Australia, and Vision Australia, among others. They also work with numerous organizations in the financial services, tourism and hospitality, consumer goods, education, and construction sectors. 


  • provides localized support 
  • delivers updates automatically 
  • supports partners and their clients 

Luminary works with because of our strong presence in Australia, and it’s meant they’ve worked with our platform since the beginning. Getting to know our senior leaders is baked into our partnership too. We love getting the Luminary teams’ feedback as they test out our new and existing features. We’re proud to offer our partners this kind of next-level transparency.  

With our partnership, Luminary have become a headless CMS leader in the Australian market. It’s a relationship that goes from strength to strength. 

As a cloud-first platform, we deliver important security, feature, and platform updates automatically and frequently. Combined with our localized support, it’s everything Luminary’s fast-moving clients need.  

Partnership in action

UNICEF Australia (UNICEF) depends on getting life-saving messages to market quickly. But its end-of-life monolithic CMS was holding them back, causing numerous digital experience, operational, and security challenges. UNICEF approached Luminary to find a solution. They helped craft a long-term strategy and offered guidance through the platform selection process.  

While UNICEF was already keen on headless CMS, it was Luminary’s experience, combined with our strong presence in Australia and localized data centers, that helped seal the deal.  

UNICEF can now deliver content multiple times a day from one place seamlessly, quickly, and in real-time. This was seen firsthand during the widescale emergency response after the Syria and Turkey earthquake.  

UNICEF launched an appeal in February 2023 and accelerated deployment in under four hours, freeing up critical resources for the emergency efforts to help those in need and save lives. This helped realize a 98% increase in donations from new visitors within the first 48 hours (compared to previous campaigns). 

This digital transformation project delivered by Luminary and built on has been recognized for several awards, including the top prize in the 2023 Australian Web Awards and the 2023 Better Future Melbourne Design Awards

Take your digital experiences up a level

Your audience wants digital experiences that resonate, and our “Partner of the Month”, Luminary, have got you covered. Get in touch to see how they can help you elevate your digital experiences with a leading-edge digital strategy and platform to match. 


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