Customer success story: Luminary & UNICEF​

Learn how the teams at UNICEF Australia and Luminary modernized and transformed the UNICEF Australia website with the help of Watch the video from Horizons 2023 in Sydney.

A young woman watching a video on her phone with a dog by her side Horizons 2023 in Sydney was a blast! We’re thrilled to have had such an inspiring lineup of expert speakers sharing their valuable insights.

Luminary’s CTO Andy Thompson shared the stage with UNICEF Australia’s Marketing Manager Nikola Sarbinowski, and Digital Platforms Strategist Alan Menzies.

Watch the session to get the full story on how transforming their site led to a 98% increase in donations from new visitors.

In this video, you will discover:

  • What challenges the UNICEF team was facing
  • How the team transformed their UNICEF website using the power of the headless CMS
  • How they managed to create their Syria and Turkey appeal pages in only 3 hours

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