From monolith to magic: American Bath Group’s journey to faster time to market

Learn about the innovative strategies utilized by American Bath Group and gain insights into their transition from a conventional monolithic system to a headless CMS, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

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Check out the video recording of our webinar and delve into the fascinating insights surrounding American Bath Group’s adoption of a composable approach to content, executed by the proficient team at Konabos. This webinar offers an in-depth exploration of the strategies employed by American Bath Group to revolutionize their content management practices. 

Gain valuable knowledge about the benefits and intricacies of transitioning away from conventional monolithic systems to embrace the versatility and efficiency of a headless CMS architecture. Through this informative session, you’ll uncover the transformative impact of this shift, including 95% lower infrastructure costs, 80% faster time to market, and 71% CMS-related savings.

Find out how they did it:

  • Moving away from a traditional monolith to a headless CMS
  • 95% lower infrastructure costs, 80% faster time to market, 71% CMS-related savings, and other incredible outcomes that American Bath Group achieved after switching to headless
  • Tips and learnings ​from a manufacturing unicorn

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