Kontent.ai joins the MACH Alliance

Kontent.ai has officially joined the MACH Alliance and is committed to advocating for MACH architecture principles. Learn more about our position and vision for enterprise organizations.

Vojtech Boril

Published on Nov 7, 2022

Kontent.ai joins the MACH Alliance

We’re thrilled to announce that Kontent.ai has officially joined the MACH Alliance, a group of independent technology companies who advocate for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems. It’s great to be part of the thriving community consisting of more than 70 certified members, compliant with MACH architecture principles and the Alliance’s certification standards.

A MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) empowers organizations with unparalleled agility, which allows them to adapt to customers’ changing behaviors and expectations and deliver on their business goals.

Kontent.ai’s commitment to MACH principles

For the past 7 years, Kontent.ai has enabled global content and engineering teams to plan, create, and deliver experiences that look and feel great on any channel. Having recently raised $40 million in growth capital, we’re excited to expand our global footprint and further advocate for MACH with our strong set of enterprise customers, including Zurich Insurance, Oxford University, PPG, and even Algolia, a fellow MACH Alliance member.

Previously an independent business unit of a wider software portfolio, Kontent.ai became a fully fledged, standalone company in July 2022. This move allowed Kontent.ai, a true cloud-native service since its inception, to meet all certification standards required to join the MACH Alliance. Being inducted as a member is the next chapter in our exciting story and strong validation of our modular content platform for global enterprises managing complex content operations.

“Joining the MACH Alliance, Kontent.ai is pleased to shine a light on our long-standing dedication to MACH technology principles. Our customers’ measurable success with our modular content platform is evidence of the transformative power of MACH, not only for engineering teams, but also for global content teams. We’re excited to be officially welcomed into the community and to further deepen our technology cooperation with other MACH vendors. We strongly believe this will deliver even more value to our customers,” said Bart Omlo, CEO of Kontent.ai.

“Channel-agnostic content represents a critical capability in most MACH transformations,” said Casper Rasmussen, President of the MACH Alliance. “Kontent.ai’s full commitment to MACH is to be commended. We saw MACH reflected throughout in their architecture as a tangible proof of this commitment, and it’s great to see the content pillar expanding given its criticality to businesses and brands.”

Why global enterprises benefit from MACH

To engage with customers at scale and stay ahead in the evolving digital landscape, organizations must strike a balance between tight operational governance and agility. During our long tenure supporting enterprises with our headless content solution, we’ve seen how the transition to MACH architecture from a traditional monolith DXP makes the difference – to their content strategy, their ways of working, and, most importantly, their customers.

One such success is our customer, American Bath Group. Moving to a composable DXP model with Kontent.ai as their chosen CMS, American Bath Group’s teams can now more efficiently connect with customers across channels. Marc Lamothe, CMS Systems Administrator for ABG shared, “Kontent.ai has helped us break out of our content silos, greatly improving our bandwidth and team collaboration across multiple channels and brands.”

The transition, for some, can feel like a leap at first. “Some companies are so caught up in their old ways of doing things, they have a difficult time imagining anything different,” said Marc. To us, this critical inflection point in the industry is an opportunity for the MACH Alliance to be a key driver of change: together, we can demonstrate there are other pathways to success. 

Adding value to the passionate MACH community

As we continue to support our customers’ innovation and ambitions, we’re also looking forward to championing the MACH community. We’re simply stronger together. To us, joining MACH is truly about building and deepening relationships, not only with other company members, but also with MACH enablers and MACH-first agencies. 

In complement with the tech, we also believe we can add value to the community through events, partnerships, co-marketing, and developer relations. The opportunities to highlight each other’s strengths and initiatives are endless. Through continued collaboration with Alliance members, many of whom are already our trusted technology partners, we can shape a joint vision for the future. 

One upcoming event we’re especially delighted to host is the New York session of our annual conference, Kontent.ai Horizons – live and in-person this year! On November 17, we’ll be bringing down the house at the Glasshouse Chelsea with valuable keynotes, followed by drinks, dinner, and networking. We’re excited to learn from and mingle with our US community base, including other MACH Alliance members! If you haven’t yet reserved your in-person slot, definitely do so! Looking forward to connecting.

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