Petal provides HIPAA compliance for customers

We’re thrilled to announce that now provides HIPAA compliance, ensuring that our healthcare customers can have complete confidence in the security measures we have in place for protecting protected health information (PHI).

Matej ZacharPublished on Jun 21, 2023

We prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data entrusted to our product, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in data protection. 

That’s why we are incredibly proud to announce that we now belong among the few CMS vendors who provide HIPAA compliance and support having protected health information in the product.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a federal law enacted in 1996 to attempt incremental healthcare reform. Today, HIPAA compliance mainly concerns protecting the privacy and security of patients’ health information.

Compliance with HIPAA is crucial for healthcare organizations to maintain the trust and confidence of their patients while upholding the highest degree of data protection. Read more about how addresses the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule., a HIPAA-compliant solution

At, we are proud to support the healthcare industry by providing a HIPAA-compliant solution that meets regulatory requirements and goes above and beyond to ensure the privacy and security of protected health information.

Who are some of our current customers from the healthcare and healthcare-adjacent industries that supports?

By achieving HIPAA compliance, we have taken significant steps to solidify our commitment to safeguarding protected health information. Being HIPAA compliant thus means that organizations can trust us with their most sensitive healthcare data.

By choosing as their content management solution, our customers can focus on their core mission of providing exceptional healthcare services, knowing that their data is in safe hands – confidential, secure, and intact.

To learn more about our HIPAA-compliant offerings, please feel free to contact your customer representative.

Safeguard your data with a vendor you can trust

When it comes to sensitive information, nothing is more important than its security. With our solution, healthcare organizations can deliver stellar digital experiences, knowing that their data is in safe hands. With that peace of mind, they can focus on what they’re best at – providing first-class services for their customers.

With our platform, enterprises worldwide can protect their content with MFA and SSO and rely on keeping everything safe with our certified security, reflected in the ISO certifications and SOC 2 Type 2 report. Read more about how you can safeguard your data with, a vendor you can trust.

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Matej Zachar

I’m a CISO at I own the security strategy and program, aiming to protect, our clients, and our partners.

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