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Using marketing automation, you’re better able to qualify leads and pass them on to sales. Let’s have a look at how you can use together with a marketing automation tool such as Pardot.

Jozef Falis

Jozef FalisUpdated on Sep 18, 2023Published on Apr 28, 2021

Marketing automation & Headless CMS

Combining a marketing automation tool and a headless content management system (CMS), you can effectively leverage the user data you have and make your email communication truly relevant—just like messages on other channels where you engage with customers. enables you to communicate more effectively. Not only can you create your marketing automation emails in the headless CMS, but the platform also helps you collect valuable data that will guide you along the way.

Integrating Headless CMS with a marketing automation tool

Thanks to its headless nature, can be connected to any device, but also a tool that needs to work with content. Marketing automation tools, in which you work with emails, browser notifications, or push notifications for mobile phones, are no exception. It’s very easy for us to integrate with a marketing automation tool so we can create content for individual campaigns. To produce content for marketing automation fast, we use:

A considerable perk of using a headless CMS is also structured content that I’ve mentioned in my previous articles. Here in this context, its advantage lies in the fact that the content editor cannot break the HTML layout. 

Moreover, your integration with a marketing automation tool doesn’t have to be limited to content-related areas only. The headless CMS can also help you with implementing the right form. We in the marketing team use Pardot, and, for our needs, we’ve created an integration between and Pardot Forms. 

All we have to do is add the Pardot endpoint to, and thanks to our Universal Marketing Landing Page (UMLP), we can create a complete landing page without needing any developer involvement. Data collection thus takes place automatically. Our marketing specialist then creates segments based on the collected data and continues designing the relevant customer journey.

Inserting Pardot URL into

Delivering the most relevant content to your users

Advanced marketing automation tools include recommendation engines that enable you to send personalized emails based on your customers’ online behavior. If you’ve correctly created your taxonomies, the headless CMS will make it easy for you to recommend relevant articles and other content in your newsletters and other email messages. Your web developer can create an XML feed, which is then added to the marketing automation tool. Structured data can tell the recommendation engine what content is suitable for a given user and show them content tailored to their needs—in your email communication as well as on your website.

With, we can send the data we’ve collected to the marketing automation tool, which will help us with an aggregate calculation of the user’s segment and persona. The content editor selects the persona for whom the article is intended, and the marketing automation tool can aggregate this data and automatically show the visitor only the content that is most relevant to them at each step of the customer journey.


Today’s article from the loves series contained a lot of theory. However, my goal was to show you that the limits of using a headless CMS as a centralized tool for your content are almost endless. We are constantly looking for new ways in which can help us manage content. 

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