Meet BizStream: Where strategy, design, and technology flow together

Introducing BizStream, our March 2024 “Partner of the Month”! Find out why we love them and explore what they’re all about.

Lucie Simonova

Published on Mar 6, 2024

Meet BizStream

BizStream is an award-winning digital agency focused on brands, websites, and products. They specialize in strategy, custom design, and complex implementations that deliver results and make their customers long-term raving fans. They have extensive experience with a wide range of online tools and technologies and are one of the most respected CMS partners in the world.

Hailing from West Michigan, BizStream may be small, but its reach extends across the nation, servicing its enterprise clients with efficiency and a personal touch. BizStream operates as an entirely on-site team (with a hybrid work-from-home policy), making complex problem-solving and collaboration easier. Team members genuinely enjoy their time at BizStream, creating a positive and dynamic work environment for everyone.

Being recognized as Partner of the Month is not just an accolade for our technical excellence and innovation; it’s a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what can do as a Headless CMS. This recognition helps fuel our team’s commitment to delivering exceptional solutions.

Nick KoomanWeb Developer, BizStream

What are they about?

Custom design and clean code

BizStream excels in solving complex problems with custom design and clean code. Their solution architects, designers, and developers have over two decades of experience solving their client’s unique needs across many industries.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they provide user-friendly solutions that ensure an enjoyable experience for their clients and their clients’ users. BizStream is there throughout the entire process. Their proven process guides clients through the conceptualization, design, construction, and evolution stages of their websites.

A blend of friendliness, fun, and professionalism

BizStream has crafted an environment where their team thrives in comfort, fosters creativity, and promotes collaboration. The office is a distinctive blend of friendliness, fun, and professionalism. With glass-walled high-tech conference rooms, LEGO brick workstations, and unconventional modes of transportation like a slide and firepole.

Prioritizing the health and well-being of the team is integral to the company culture. Regular foosball breaks and daily walks break up the workday, ensuring a balance between productivity and relaxation. BizStream provides gym/health and wellness memberships and boasts an on-site climbing wall to support physical fitness.

Beyond the office walls, the team embraces a dynamic approach to work-life balance. Regular breaks from the typical office routine include backpacking along Lake Michigan, soaking up the Michigan sun during a round of golf, and celebrating March Madness with upscale bowling, food, and beverages.

One of the best companies to work for

Unsurprisingly, they’ve been repeatedly named one of the best companies to work for in the United States by Best and Brightest®, Inc. Magazine, Color Magazine, and more!

They share laughter, encourage each other to embrace new challenges, and actively engage in knowledge-sharing to stay at the forefront of industry skills. Just as their team does with each other, they take pride in building strong connections with their clients and make collaboration effective and fun. 

This dedication to building solid relationships both internally and externally creates a unique and vibrant atmosphere that sets BizStream apart as a workplace that values not only professional excellence but also the joy of shared accomplishments.

Why BizStream

  • Global recognition: BizStream is globally acclaimed as one of the most respected CMS partners, renowned for delivering exceptional customer experiences and showcasing unmatched technical knowledge. 
  • Industry experts: Brian McKeiver, BizStream’s co-owner and solution architect, is not just a MVP and Microsoft Azure MVP, but he also hosts the Rocks podcast. Brian travels worldwide, sharing insights on the latest technologies and successful implementation strategies. BizStream web developer Nick Kooman, a Technology MVP, adds to the exceptional talent pool at BizStream. 
  • Problem-solving capabilities: BizStream thrives on tackling and solving complex problems for enterprise-level clients. Their knack for innovation and ingenuity shines in challenging situations as they find joy in overcoming obstacles. 
  • Long-term client relationships: With nearly 25 years in the industry, BizStream has a proven track record of transforming customers into long-term, enthusiastic advocates. Their consistent ability to exceed expectations has cultivated enduring relationships with clients. 
  • Composable solutions: With years of experience in composable solutions, BizStream is committed to providing flexible and adaptable solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients. 
  • Digital transformation leadership: BizStream excels in guiding clients through digital transformation, encompassing creative and strategic initiatives. 
  • Cutting-edge AI development: Positioned on the cutting edge of AI development, BizStream is at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. 

Partnership in action

The partnership between BizStream and is a long-standing one. BizStream was one of the first agencies in the USA to join forces with and has had a strong long-term relationship with’s product owners and leadership.

Their team is stacked with members with various certifications, including Kontent Business Certification, Kontent Content Modeler, and Kontent Developer Certification. In addition, BizStream helped develop the Content Modeling competency with and has passed it with flying colors.

We are extremely pleased with our long-term partnership with This distinction highlights our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding client expectations, reinforcing our position as a trusted advisor in the ever-evolving digital landscape. A big thank you to for recognizing BizStream in this way.

Brian McKeiverCo-owner & Solution Architect, BizStream

BizStream was one of the first companies in the world to get a deep dive into the Headless CMS solution. Their first implementation took only 12 days to build and provided a 200% increase in leads. 

Their second implementation with included omnichannel distribution of content for customers around the United States. Since then, they have implemented multiple projects with great success in .NET, Gatsby, and Jamstack.

70% increase in monthly visitors

When BizStream and join forces, magic happens. Kimball Hospitality partnered with BizStream to rebuild their architecture and transform their website into an online experience their customers would love. By choosing to manage their product details and extensive imagery, they’ve witnessed a 70% increase in monthly visitors, leading to a dramatic enhancement in their overall visitor experience.

BizStream and have achieved other remarkable success stories with industry leaders such as Kolbe Windows & Doors, Commercial Food Sanitation, and Hydrolox.


What stands out to BizStream about Let’s take a look:

  • is a true SaaS-based headless CMS with an unmatched speed of delivery
  •’s ability to handle large, complex projects at scale
  •’s commitment to leveraging AI responsibly and securely

Setting up clients for success now, and in the future

Ready to get started? Get in touch with BizStream, our March 2024 “Partner of the Month.” Their team of seasoned professionals who share a passion for all things digital are your top choice for your next project.

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