Meet community-minded, customer-centric Konabos

Meet Konabos, our August 2023 “Partner of the Month”! Why do we love Konabos, and what are they about?

Amber Bartholomeusz

Published on Aug 1, 2023

Meet Konabos

Great content and beautiful digital experiences don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of a shared vision, expert thinking, and an all-round awesome partnership.

That’s why we’re celebrating Konabos, our August 2023 “Partner of the Month”. An award-winning, full-service agency with capabilities in strategy, solution architecture, UX, and coaching. 

We love Konabos for their problem-solving approach. If they don’t offer a particular service, the team will go out of their way to come up with a solution for the customer. That could mean adopting new capabilities or finding another resource or company to help. Working with others is a key sentiment in Konabos’ customer-centric approach. 

What are they about?

A community-minded business

Konabos continuously raises awareness of the Digital Experience (DX) industry. Whether it’s through peer interactions or podcasts, the team shares their knowledge and offers vendor-agnostic advice and guidance to anyone looking to deliver next-level DX.

Akshay Sura

We are built on community. We don’t see anyone as competition. We love building communities and being community led.

Akshay SuraFounder, Konabos

As an example of this community spirit, a couple of months ago, Konabos ran a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) “March Madness” social event. They put all 16 vendors they work with in a bracket then, based on the number of likes, comments, or shares the post received, the vendor progressed to the next round of the competition. This generated a jaw-dropping 75,000 organic impressions on LinkedIn, creating a community-led dialogue that elevated the importance and role of a digital strategy in the current market. 

Konabos has even established a DX Community on LinkedIn and Slack. A collaborative and inclusive space where people and businesses can share their knowledge and ideas. It achieved 400 followers in just two months, with this figure still rising. 

Always customer-centric

Alongside this community focus, Konabos is customer-centric. They prioritize the customers’ needs, considering all their business challenges – not just the limitations of their current technology. 

To get the solution right, Konabos have been known to pitch ideas that can be done for free. A pleasant surprise for the customer! This ‘say-it-as-it-is' approach is what makes this partner stand out. 

A big part of what they provide to the customer is clarity. With so many options in the DXP space, having someone you can trust to explain how they work and the solutions that will take customer experience (CX) to the next level is invaluable.

We have lots of expertise on many different platforms and we bring clarity to help customers make their decisions.

Ken GraySenior CX Strategist, Konabos


  • checks out
  • delivers across the board

When composable and headless DXPs entered the market, Konabos reviewed every headless solution available. And found that checked all the boxes. We answered all of their needs: visual editing, page hierarchy (a must for their customers), speed, plus affordable and manageable licensing costs.

The Konabos team were also super impressed with’s web support and responsiveness. When they needed online support, we were available to help within just three minutes and resolved a really tricky problem. Their customers use the service all the time for simple and complex questions – which means Konabos saves time fielding queries. 

But what’s most important to the team is the quality of the product.

A DXP product needs to be excellent. The service and support are extremely important, but the product itself is excellent.

Matthew McQueenyRelationships and Community Lead, Konabos

Partnership in action

One company that has benefited from the Konabos and partnership is American Bath Group (ABG). In June, this project was recognized at the MACH Two event in Amsterdam, receiving the coveted MACH Impact Award for the ‘Best Overall Change Project”.

It was just a huge moment for us, for our relationship with, for American Bath Group. It was a culmination of digital transformation that was really impactful.

Matthew McQueenyRelationships and Community Lead, Konabos

The project started when ABG wanted to elevate their CX but were struggling to manage all 27 brands across 30 websites with over 50,000 products through a monolithic DXP. 

Konabos carried out extensive market research and found that our headless CMS and composable framework hit the spot for the ABG solution. Uniting it with a redesigned MACH architecture eliminated the complexities and redundancies of ABG’s previous monolithic DXP and removed data and content silos. This enhanced collaboration and content delivery across multiple channels and brands. 

Connected services through have helped lower ABG’s infrastructure costs and transformed time to deployment from 30 hours to just three minutes – a massive win for CX.

Better digital experiences start here

If you’re looking for an awesome DX partner that will put your business front-and-center, then look no further than our partner of the month, Konabos.

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