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Jordan TorpyPublished on Jul 2, 2023

We’re halfway through 2023, and it’s been quite a year already. An explosion of interest in AI and improvements and innovations in VR and AR experiences both indicate a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

As the landscape changes, so do the needs and desires of customers. Here at, we’ve been working hard over the past three months to bring updates to our product that empower companies to meet and exceed evolving customer expectations. 

Let’s take a look at our latest batch of updates and see how they enable content, marketing, and development teams to get high quality content to market faster than ever.

Giving headless CMS a brain

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. It’s hard to find someone that hasn’t played around with a new chatbot, either for fun or to see how it can improve their daily work. Many SaaS companies have announced plug-ins or add-ons that add some basic AI functionality to their product as well.

At, we see the clear value that this generation of AI tools can provide. That’s why we chose the name for our newly independent company nearly one year ago. But we also believe that there is even more value available by combining a powerful large language model with our leading headless CMS. Native AI capabilities in unlock that value for our users. 

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With native AI capabilities, content creators can quickly and easily brainstorm, create, revise, and publish high quality content, empowered by AI skills that are baked in directly to These capabilities act as a force multiplier for content teams, speeding up the time it takes to create and review on-brand content. And since AI is native to, it can use the content companies have in to help ensure new content is on-brand, uses the right language and tone of voice, and is created for the right audiences. clients can access AI capabilities through our early access program. Join the waitlist and find more information on our dedicated page.

Adding even more flexibility to content management

Content management at enterprise scale is no simple task. For organizations with multiple brands, departments, or websites, it can get even more complicated. Companies need different levels of permissions, workflows, ways to organize assets and more.

At, we understand these complexities. We’ve always been dedicated to providing organizations the solutions they need to take control of their content. From creating boundaries for content with collections and spaces, to ensuring governance with granular roles and workflows, managing the complexities of content at scale is part of our DNA.

Over the last quarter, we’ve focused on adding even more flexibility to the way enterprises manage their content. With our recent updates, you can now:

  • Ensure governance with workflows that match specific project requirements. Workflows can now be applied to multiple combinations of content types and collections, which is very helpful when specific workflows need to be used in multiple places.
Define the scope of a workflow to match a project’s requirements
  • Discover and organize assets more easily (early access). Assets can now be assigned to collections. Just like for content, adding an asset to a collection helps organizations create boundaries for where and how an asset can be used, making it easier to find an asset in a large library and ensure it’s only used where it should be.
Adding assets to a collection makes it easier to work with large, complex asset libraries
  • Make it easier for customers to get in touch. Phone links are now available in our rich text editor, making it easy for customers to call with just one click.
Make it easier for customers to get in touch by adding phone links directly in
  • Reach customers in their language. Non-localizable elements are useful when there is some content that shouldn’t be translated to a different language. But if a non-localizable element needs to be localized at a later point, it’s now possible to convert it into a localizable element.

We’re committed to continuing to improve the content management experience in Be sure to check out our changelog for all the latest updates.

Supporting the developer experience

Developers go for a headless solution because it provides unparalleled flexibility. But a good headless CMS should also offer excellent tooling, and well-maintained APIs. This last quarter, we’ve worked on making sure developers continue to love working with With our latest updates, developers can:

  • Improve performance by changing the way content updates are managed. Sync API provides an alternative way to process content updates, allowing for apps to poll for content changes. This enables projects to work even if a customer has a poor data connection, and gives developers more flexibility in how they manage content updates.
  • Work more easily with content migrations. The CLI is now more powerful when it comes to working with content migrations, with the possibility to order migrations by date and time, save and read status information about past migrations from external sources, and rollback unsuccessful migrations. 
  • Save time with the .NET model generator. Extended deliver models are now available in the .NET model generator. Add a flag and the generator reads the element limitations for your content type, and then reflects those limitations in the generated classes.
  • Get more flexibility when resolving rich text. Our open-source rich text resolver transforms rich text HTML into a JSON tree or portable text standard, offering an alternative to the Delivery JS SDK. 

Here’s to the next half of 2023!

We’re only halfway through the year, with even more exciting updates to come. For the latest product updates, you can subscribe to our changelog. For more information on how to make the most of Kontent, explore Learn, where you can access our excellent e-learning courses. If you’re not already using, we’d love to show you how our headless CMS can empower your teams–schedule a demo to see more.

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