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Q3 2021 wrap-up: Solving complexities of scale with Kontent

We’re always improving Kontent by Kentico to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Check out how the releases added in Q3 help brands scale their enterprise content operations.

Monica RaszykPublished on Oct 19, 2021

With each new quarter, it’s useful to reflect on why we do what we do: to support Kontent customers as they create and deliver compelling content experiences at scale. 

For brands, there’s a lot more to handle these days. The explosive growth in users, assets, and content can certainly be seen as an opportunity, if managed well. That’s why these past few months, we focused on key complexities to consider when scaling enterprise content operations. So, ICYMI: here’s a quick Q3 recap of the value users can now get from the Kontent platform.

More organized, advanced asset management 

To choose the right digital assets, it’s important for users to be able to easily navigate their asset library. With more and more assets to manage, it can be a challenge to keep the library organized. In the Kontent platform, taxonomies for assets ensure the library is a useful place for everyone.

Advanced asset management in Kontent by Kentico

With asset taxonomies, it’s possible to group assets into categories so they can be found without hassle. Assigning assets to multiple categories helps simplify folder structures, discourages duplicates, and supports best practices of asset reuse. Additionally, taxonomies can also be used to add key information to assets, helping content teams choose what to use. These “ground rules” can govern how assets should and shouldn’t be used for specific business units, regions, languages, and campaigns. 

Tighter governance with complete oversight of users 

When managing diverse content operations, there are, invariably, a lot of users in the mix. That’s why central oversight of users, including their roles and projects, is a must-have to keep workspaces secure and organized. 

Overview of users in the subscription in Kontent by Kentico

In the Kontent platform, it’s now possible to view and manage all users and roles across multiple projects or subscriptions. The overview can be found in the Users section of your subscription. With the complete picture, it’s easier to plan and budget for new users and make continuous improvements to the setup.

Easier review of a complex linked item structure 

For brands managing deep structures for linked items, seeing everything related to a specific content item used to be a pretty tedious process. It was time for us to make this easier. In Kontent, you can now view linked items in context by simply expanding them, rather than opening them in a new window. 

Expand nested linked items in Kontent by Kentico

Nested linked items now behave like nested components and allow users to expand them to the seventh nesting level. Expanding nested linked items is especially helpful for reviewers, who need to easily see the full structure of a content item in context. Now, management and approvals are way less of a chore.

Kontent as a transactable solution on Azure Marketplace

In September 2021, Kontent by Kentico became the first and only certified enterprise headless CMS available for purchase through Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource for customers with the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). This allows Microsoft customers to make use of the trusted Azure Marketplace for easy and secure discovery, implementation, and management of Kontent as an integral solution in their enterprise-grade microservices architecture.

Kontent by Kentico headless CMS is available as a transactable offer on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Additional updates to improve how users work with Kontent 

Kontent users benefit not only from bigger bang releases but also from regular, meaningful updates. Incremental improvements add up and support our goal of creating the most intuitive, usable content management solution for enterprise teams. You can always review all of the updates in the public product changelog

  • The users that should be active, along with their roles, can now be specified for each environment 
  • Predefined workflow steps in newly created projects now come with the default Project Manager role
  • Limitations for the number of taxonomy terms can now be set up in taxonomy elements
  • Inline markdown shorthands and automatic link conversion in rich text support the author experience
  • Colors in the Web Spotlight’s preview can be customized to match your website palette 
  • The page tree in Web Spotlight can now be pinned in place
  • Version 7.2 of Gatsby packages, a new minor version of the Kontent CLI, and version 15 of the Delivery .NET SDK were released

Supporting enterprise workflows in Q4 and beyond

This past quarter was a big one, but it doesn’t stop there! With more content come more challenges, so we always have something in the works. Kontent not only supports the scale of business but also the flexible nature of teamwork and the ways organizations operate. 

To close out the year, our customers can expect even more improvements and innovation in the areas of advanced asset management, content operations, and customized enterprise workflows, along with key technical releases such as full GraphQL support. We’re transparent about our plans for Kontent, so we encourage you to check out the public roadmap to see where we’re going. And, as always, we’re open to your feedback.

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