simultaneous editing

In Kontent.ai, multiple authors can work on the same piece of content at the same time, without worrying about overwriting each other’s changes. Learn more about simultaneous editing.

Transparent teamwork, smoother workflows

When multiple contributors work in the same content item at the same time, everything goes much more smoothly. Just like with other collaborative tools you are already used to, see who else has the same content item open that you do. 

Plus, with built-in collision protection and content locking, you can put the final touches on the copy knowing no one else will jump in, while your designer adds the perfect images. No worry, no wait.

Make content better, together

Collaborate with teammates

Coordinate changes and keep your message in sync. When editing a content item, it’s easy to see who else is working on that item and where they’re making changes. 

Avoid content collisions

Ensure nothing gets lost when multiple changes are made. Real-time notifications tell you which fields your team members are working on, locking them down until the change is complete. Updates are automatically saved in the background.

Update content faster

No hassle, no waiting times. Updates get done faster when multiple folks can work in their own fields to get a piece of content over the finish line.

Stay up to date

Get alerted of changes and respond accordingly. If a user changes the state of a content item—for example, updates the workflow or invites a new contributor—while others are working on it, rest assured everyone involved will be in the loop.

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