Content ecosystem.

A content ecosystem refers to how the publication of digital content fits into the broader context of an enterprise. For example, when a business acquires a new customer, that event initiates a customer onboarding process. How is content involved with other activities relating to customer onboarding? Who needs to be involved in any way with the digital content? This context includes:

  • The responsibilities of various business units, functional teams and individual stakeholders with respect to publishing content
  • The business and IT processes or workflows that interface with content publication activities
  • The enabling technology applications and services that support or rely on the content involved
  • Any relevant enterprise standards and policies such as privacy and security,
  • The scope of the brands, products and services that fall under a content strategy
  • All the publication channels, apps and properties that consume content
  • Customer and audience groups that content is meant to reach
  • The core content deliverables (based on specified content types)
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