Content management for education

Deliver modern digital experiences to current and prospective students across all channels with Empower content creators to create relevant content at scale, keeping messaging consistent and up-to-date with advanced content governance.

Customer highlight: VU Amsterdam

VU Amsterdam needed to transition from a mix of legacy content management systems to a modern unified solution. Using’s CMS, the team has centralized control over their content and messaging across student, employee, and research-based websites. By designing custom, repeatable templates and components, the team has improved content consistency and time-to-market for all newly created websites.

Team meeting

Enabling content excellence for education creates a single source of truth for all your content and a single platform for seamless collaboration between teams, organizations, and regions. Create relevant, consistent, and engaging digital experiences across all touchpoints.

Empower your best content creators

Give educators and other content creators the freedom to create great content, without needing to rely on IT support. An intuitive authoring experience makes it simple to whip up new content.

Free up your developers

Allow developers to use their favorite language and the tools of their choice to assemble the perfect tech stack. 

Keep digital assets organized

Manage your digital assets directly in With categorization, search, and customization tools, helps educational institutions make communication visual and appealing to today’ students.

Create a single source of truth for content

Consolidate all content in one place to improve consistency and relevancy of educational materials across all digital touchpoints. Keep it all organized with distinct collections of content.

A trusted partner for educational institutions

It’s liberating for our content creators to be able to concentrate on the essentials. Using’s CMS, they can concentrate on what matters most: creating good content. When they realized they could publish information much faster—and even easier—with the new system, they also ended up producing more content.

Stefan ZueggSenior Web Developer, Südtiroler Informatik AG

Tackling content challenges for education helps educational institutions:

  • Empower their educators to create and distribute content, with minimal dependency on IT
  • Improve the student experience by making it easier to find the right information on any channel
  • Implement a digital transformation strategy with strong process governance across departments 
  • Build and maintain useful, up-to-date educational portals for on-campus and remote learning
  • Grow brand trust with compliant, consistent, and relevant content across all touch points

Choosing as a headless CMS can transform content operations for educational institutions, so that diverse audiences can get up-to-date, relevant, and trustworthy information delivered to every channel. 

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