The MVP Program.

The MVP Award is designed to recognize individuals who have been active members of the community for the past 12 months. MVPs are engaged community advocates who listen and promote Jamstack, headless CMS, and various implementation platforms while fostering collaboration and providing guidance to developers.

What MVPs say about the program?

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Who are MVPs?

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I enjoy advocating for new enterprise-class technology based on microservices, APIs, cloud-powered SaaS solutions, and Headless CMS. I feel that this approach along with allows everyone to get the most out of their investments in technology. I’m passionate about enabling the organizations that I work with to deliver future-proof solutions for their customers, and being an MVP allows me to amplify that message.
Brian McKeiver

Brian McKeiver, Partner, BizStream

Kontent community activity past year.

How do MVPs help the community?

The MVP designation is earned through contributing to the developer community and promoting The MVP award is a one-year industry recognition given to individuals based on their community participation and evangelistic activities for the past 12 months.

Publishing Articles and Tutorials

Contributing to Open Source

Recording Video Tutorials

Attending Live Coding Streams

Attending (Virtual) Conferences

Frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of receiving the MVP award?

Anyone receiving the MVP award is entitled to the following benefits:

  • Recognition of being a MVP
  • Open channel with POs to provide feedback and influence the product development
  • Exclusive access to teams
  • Immediate feedback from other MVPs on proposed problem solutions
  • Access to the closed group of professionals on the MVP team
  • Possibility to learn from MVPs and apply their findings in your projects
  • Early insight into strategy and roadmap
  • Budget to attend conferences to talk about
  • Access to early-versions and betas
  • Invitation to annual Horizons conference
  • Active help from the DevRel team on any evangelizing activities
  • Teambuilding with other members of MVP team once a year in the Czech Republic

What are the benefits of having a MVP in your team?

Having a MVP in your team brings many benefits including:

  • Recognition of your company as experts for having an MVP onboard
  • Early insights into strategy and roadmap allowing you to be ahead of your competitors
  • Direct access to teams and the possibility to influence the product development
  • Faster solutions to problems thanks to the connection to other MVPs
  • Recognition of your company at organized events and conferences

What does it take to become a MVP?

The MVP designation is earned through contributing to the developer community and promoting Are you a good fit for an MVP?

MVPs are:

  • Enthusiastic and passionate about
  • Actively promoting on various channels (, YouTube, etc)
  • Open to sharing knowledge about their projects and provide feedback
  • Certified developers for the current version of
  • Very knowledgable of the platform
  • Highly skilled problem solvers
  • Regularly helping the community and educating others (Slack, StackOverflow, GitHub, etc)
  • Active on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Contributing to (not only open-source repositories
  • Attending industry events such as local meetups, user groups, global conferences
  • Joining (not only podcasts or videos about relevant topics
  • Team players

What is the MVP Selection Process?

The selections of MVPs are based solely on nominations. All nominations are weighted on a number of factors that include:

  • Engaging in the above-listed activities
  • Passion, drive, and knowledge of
  • Willingness to contribute to (and other) open-source projects
  • Candidate's geographical location. We prefer to have our MVPs located around the globe to help better support the community in all regions.

When are MVPs selected?

At the end of each calendar year, a panel evaluates each candidate's contributions to identify the most active and engaged individuals. MVPs are announced each January, recognizing those individuals that have made contributions to the community and assisted their fellow developers.

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