Kontent.ai provides capAI compliance for customers

In the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ethical considerations and compliance with regulatory frameworks are paramount. One such framework that’s gaining attention is capAI, a tool designed to align AI systems with the European Union’s ethical principles. This article will explore what capAI is, why it matters, and how Kontent.ai exemplifies compliance with this framework, ensuring that content creators, content managers, marketers, and the general public can trust in the responsible use of AI.

Kontent.ai provides capAI compliance for customers

What is capAI and why it matters

The capAI framework is a response to the need for ethical AI development, coinciding with the Artificial Intelligence Act in the European Union. Researchers from the University of Oxford have developed capAI as a method for assessing AI systems’ conformity with the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. This tool translates high-level ethics principles into actionable and verifiable criteria, guiding the design, development, deployment, and use of ethical AI systems.

For customers, capAI serves as a means to verify that their AI suppliers are committed to diligent and ethical research and development practices. It’s a reassurance that the AI systems they rely on are developed with trustworthiness as a cornerstone.

Executive summary

Kontent.ai is proud to announce that our AI capabilities meet the requirements set forth by capAI. Our commitment to ethical AI is reflected in the following key strengths:

  • Robust governance: Kontent.ai’s governance system ensures that all operations align with our mission and vision, actively involving executive team members and internal committees.
  • Tested AI models: We employ thoroughly vetted, reviewed, and tested AI models to maintain the highest standards of quality and security.
  • Secure model operations: Our models operate in a sandboxed environment, ensuring that customer data remains private and is never used to enrich or train the models themselves.

How to work with this document

Kontent.ai has crafted a whitepaper to inform our customers about our internal operations and how they adhere to capAI’s specific requirements. The document includes a table that should be read row by row, with each row addressing a particular requirement, our internal response, and additional recommendations. It’s crucial for users to review these recommendations and fully utilize the security features of the Kontent.ai application to ensure compliance with the framework.

While the table showcases our compliance with relevant requirements, it is not exhaustive. We encourage customers to reach out to us through their customer representative or at security@kontent.ai for any further inquiries.

Kontent.ai remains at the forefront of responsible AI use, and our compliance with capAI is a testament to our dedication to ethical AI practices. By choosing Kontent.ai, content creators and marketers can focus on delivering exceptional content, secure in the knowledge that their AI-driven insights and operations are ethically sound and compliant with the latest standards.

For more information on our governance, risk, and compliance practices, visit our blog at Kontent.ai’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

Overview of the capAI requirements

To review the overview of the capAI requirements, get your PDF version:

capAI scorecard

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