How can financially benefit your organization

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore how can financially benefit your organization. The verdict is now out: generated a 320% ROI over 3 years! Get our two-pager to see more results.

To evaluate the Total Economic Impact™ of, Forrester conducted anonymous interviews with four representatives with experience utilizing the headless CMS, aggregated their experiences, and consolidated the findings into a single composite organization. 

What customers say

The verdict is out: Forrester found that a composite organization experienced benefits of $3.09M over three years and an ROI of 320%.

Benefits of implementing

  • Reduction of legacy solution costs
  • Increased efficiency in daily content operations
  • Reduction in deployment time for new content by 90%
  • Increased revenue due to enhanced content management

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If you want to go more in-depth about the cost savings and business benefits enabled by, you can get the full study.

The Total Economic Impact™ of CMS Platform

Learn how generated a 320% ROI over three years and helps its customers speed up time-to-market in a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

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