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Jekyll is a static site generator that makes publishing content as simple as pressing a button on your website and typing in some Markdown files. And if you take it one step further and integrate Jekyll with a headless CMS like, you can easily manage the content on your lightweight and fast-performing website.

Using Jekyll with enables you to

Generate posts, pages,
collections, and data items

Manage your own
editorial workflows

Deliver content across
multiple channels and devices

Create static websites
with minimal configuration

Easily get the most out
of structured content

Jekyll: a simple blog aware solution

Do you have a new project in mind and are looking for a way to implement it? Jekyll and could be the perfect combination. Jekyll is a static site generator that's perfect for creating various sites. With, on the other hand, you'll be able to create dynamic websites with component-based architecture and single types.

Avatar fallback - no photo provided us with the flexibility and speed we needed to build the website. The interface is easy to use for both content editors and developers. We also appreciate the continuous feature delivery, as some of our suggestions are already implemented and we can use them. This is great!

Krzysztof Korbel, CEO and Owner, Vimanet

A powerful solution for Jekyll

Adding a headless CMS to Jekyll allows you to create blog-aware, static sites. By integrating, teams achieve smooth collaboration across every department, enabling them to create and manage content on the fly.

Seamless workflows
and governance

Webhooks for
automatic updates

Fast and
lightweight websites

website security

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