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Static site or server-rendered? Next.js enables both.

A static Jamstack site for visitors and server-rendered preview for editors. Both from one codebase, deployed to one hosting space, and with data from one headless CMS.

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Benefit from all Next.js features with Kontent.ai


Instant server-rendered preview and incremental static regeneration


Next.js image optimization with Kontent.ai Transformation API achieve the best Lighthouse scores


Production and preview are deployed as a single application. No more fear of inconsistency and duplicated work when allowing editors to see unpublished content.

Avoid stacking builds with instant previews

Incrementally built preview sites require webhook triggers, and many simultaneous edits quickly overwhelm the build server with build requests. Instant server-build previews with Next.js let you avoid this issue.

Get a head start with Next.js starter

The Next.js and Kontent.ai themable starter features a recommended data fetching mechanism and instant preview with the Web Spotlight add-on. Moreover, it’s SEO optimized to blast off your site. Explore the Next.js headless CMS starter below.

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Reduced hosting costs by 80%

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Kontent.ai gives us, developers, complete freedom to present content across all digital touchpoints. The easy-to-connect API saves time on development, so we can focus on the best way to display information to users.

Martin Cajthaml, Head of Technology, Symbio

Flexible Next.js CMS for developers that allows editors to seamlesly improve content

Developers should develop, editors should edit. Kontent.ai offers tools that allow both developers and editors to focus on what they love, and that’s why it is the best CMS for Next.js.


Ability to promote changes for both, published and unpublished content in one environment


Structured component-based content resolved into React components


Ease of turning the preview mode on and off


Ease of spinning up production feature-based environments

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