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At, we’re at the forefront with a robust AI governance framework that ensures ethical alignment and risk management. Dive in to learn more about our commitment to AI governance.

Matej ZacharPublished on Feb 28, 2024


In today’s digital era, generative AI is not just a buzzword but a global phenomenon. Foundational models are evolving at an unprecedented pace, revolutionizing how we create and manage content. From enhancing customer experiences with AI-driven products to optimizing internal workflows, AI’s potential is close to limitless. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Proper AI governance is crucial to ensure compliance, manage risks, and maintain customer trust.

AI governance and’s approach

At, we recognize the importance of AI governance and have established a robust framework to guide both our internal use and product deliveries.

Elements of successful AI governance

Management support and oversight

Leadership commitment is the cornerstone of effective AI governance. At, our top management, along with the Responsible AI Committee and other steering committees, actively oversees AI usage. This ensures that AI initiatives align with our ethical standards and business objectives.

Alignment with company goals, vision, and strategy

AI is not a standalone tool but an integral part of our products and operations. At, we’ve woven AI into the fabric of our company, ensuring it supports and enhances our mission and strategic goals.
To support it, we build a responsible culture at every level of the company. We ensure that all employees and customers are well-informed about the advantages and limitations of AI to maximize benefits based on its strengths.

Interface and connection with other governance frameworks

AI governance doesn’t exist in a vacuum. At, we’ve seamlessly integrated Responsible AI Governance with our existing frameworks for security and privacy, creating a cohesive governance ecosystem.

Policy framework

Our internal policy framework integrates AI-related topics, addressing AI risks, rules of engagement, and Responsible AI principles. This framework guides our teams in making informed decisions about AI deployment and usage.

Control framework

To align with industry standards, maintains compliance with capAI and the NIST AI Risk Management Framework. These frameworks provide a structured approach to managing AI risks and ensuring our AI systems are reliable and trustworthy.

Compliance is committed to meeting all relevant privacy, security, and compliance requirements within our AI governance framework. We understand the importance of adhering to regulations to maintain our customers’ trust.

AI governance as a core aspect of GRC

AI governance is not a standalone concept but an essential component of overall Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). At, we’ve integrated AI governance into our broader GRC strategy to ensure a unified approach to managing risks and upholding standards. For a deeper understanding of our commitment to GRC, we invite you to read our insights on the blog.


AI governance is a critical aspect of modern business strategy, and at, we’ve embraced it diligently and with governance in mind. By ensuring management support, aligning AI with our goals, interfacing with other governance frameworks, establishing a robust policy framework, adhering to control frameworks, and maintaining compliance, we’ve set a standard for responsible AI usage.

We encourage you to explore our Trust and Governance page and the Trust Center to learn more about our commitment to AI governance and how it can benefit your content strategy.

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