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Zaneta Styblova

As Content Manager, I create and repurpose content in various forms to communicate with a global audience of clients, agencies, partners, and employees. I could be described as a bookworm and language enthusiast who never stops learning.

The ultimate guide to a headless CMS

If you’re not connecting with your customers through new channels, you’re missing an opportunity. What are the top trends of 2024, and how can you adapt to these changes?

Two young marketers researching content
  • Content operations
Why content research should drive your content strategy

Before you start working on your content piece, do you spend a little time researching? If not, maybe it’s time to learn why prioritizing content research is such a good idea.

Zaneta Styblova

Mar 18, 2024

A young smiling woman working on her laptop in a coffee shop
  • For business
What you should know about content localization

Discover the secret to captivating local audiences—learn how a headless CMS can be your ally in crafting tailored digital experiences that connect with your customers.

Zaneta Styblova

Feb 11, 2024

Two marketers checking their pages on mobile devices
  • For business
Best 404 page examples from our customers

Even though most of us don’t ever want to see a 404 page, it’s smart to have one for your website. And if you need one, why not make the most of it? Here are some examples of our customers who have made their 404 pages work hard for their business.

Zaneta Styblova

May 5, 2022

Woman designing a landing page in a bright office
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Best landing page design examples from our customers

Your landing pages are the gateway to conversion. It’s the first chance you have to wow your visitors and convince them to become customers. What strategies do best-performing landing pages use?

Zaneta Styblova

Apr 14, 2022

Three people designing a product page in a coffee shop
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Best product page design examples in 2024

Our customers are constantly coming up with incredible ways to design their product pages. Below are some of our favorite examples.

Zaneta Styblova

Mar 30, 2022

A young woman trying virtual reality for the first time
  • For business
Top 7 content marketing trends in 2022

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top 7 content marketing trends for 2022—ones that will help you stay ahead of the game.

Zaneta Styblova

Mar 2, 2022

A young female copywriter producing content
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9 website content ideas for your business

We’ve all been there. We sit down at our computer and think: “I need to create some new content!” And then spend the next half hour staring at a blank screen, wondering what could help attract more people to your site. In this article, we’re going to share 9 website content ideas for both small and large businesses so you can start writing right away.

Zaneta Styblova

Feb 17, 2022

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