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Is your organization seeking greater control, enhanced security, and customized digital environments tailored to your specific needs? Discover how’s dedicated infrastructure can meet these critical requirements.

Daniel Filakovsky

Published on Jul 10, 2024

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At, we understand that while our multi-tenant solution fits many, certain enterprises need more—more control, more security, and more customization. That’s why we offer a dedicated infrastructure option, tailored for businesses that require their digital environment to be isolated and their data to be stored securely within their own borders.

Tailored security and compliance

For many enterprises, data isn’t just data; it’s sensitive information that demands stringent security measures. Our dedicated infrastructure solution places your enterprise data in a private data center on Azure, adding an extra layer of security and comfort. This isolated environment ensures that your sensitive data doesn’t share space with other customers, which is crucial for companies handling confidential or legally protected information.

For example, healthcare and insurance sectors often face strict regulations that necessitate data storage within specific geographical boundaries and data can’t be stored on shared storages.

Exclusive security features

Dedicated environments at are not just about isolation—they also bring a suite of exclusive security features:

  • IP whitelisting: Allowing you to specify which IP addresses can access your environment.
  • Data and resource isolation: Further improving the protection of confidentiality of stored data and the availability of resources.
  • HTTP requests log exports: Enabling the export of API logs to integrated Log Management solutions or SIEM for enhanced monitoring.
  • Customizable environment: More custom integrations and adjustments, such as personalized rate limits and cipher suites, can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Custom certificates and subdomains: Increasing segregation on the domain level but also, as a side effect, improving SEO.
  • Control Over Your Data Encryption: By default, all data stored in is encrypted in transit and at rest. Additionally, customers have the option to use a second level of encryption at rest as another layer of security.

Regulatory compliance

From a legal and privacy perspective, dedicated infrastructure helps meet requirements of stringent regulations such as HIPAA in the healthcare sector, local/federal government mandates for data residency in various parts of the world (Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, …), and others. By using dedicated infrastructure, enterprises can ensure compliance with these legal requirements while maintaining high standards of privacy and data integrity. This not only helps in avoiding potential legal penalties but also strengthens trust with clients and partners concerning data handling practices.

Uncompromised performance

Another benefit of our dedicated infrastructure is its stable performance, which is unaffected by other customers’ activities. This is particularly evident in operations such as cloning projects and environments, where our dedicated resources ensure that your operations run smoothly without any external influence.

Imagine a high-stakes product launch where flawless and timely content is crucial. With dedicated infrastructure, the performance of your content delivery is guaranteed, with no surprises from ‘noisy neighbors’.

How Sovereign Housing Association manage to securely handle sensitive user data

Sovereign Housing Association, one of the top ten largest housing associations in the United Kingdom, managing 60,000 homes and serving over 140,000 customers, faced strict data residency laws and the need to handle sensitive user data securely. By switching to’s dedicated infrastructure, they were able to comply with national regulations, secure sensitive data, and significantly improve their system’s performance. This transition allowed them to move away from a clunky, expensive monolithic system to a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud-based ecosystem, all while maintaining the flexibility needed to support their global operations.

“Having all of our content in one place in a single ecosystem that’s borne out of the cloud is, for us, so much more cost-effective to manage. We have much greater assurance around security, and certainly, in this day and age, we need to make sure that our web products are secure. really helps on that front,” said Sam Dart, Product Director of Sovereign Housing Association.

Why choose dedicated infrastructure?

Choosing dedicated infrastructure at means opting for a solution that not only meets your current needs but also scales with your aspirations. Whether it’s complying with stringent legal requirements, enhancing security, or ensuring stable and robust performance, a dedicated environment offers a bespoke solution that multi-tenant environments cannot match.

For enterprises looking to leverage these benefits, we recommend discussing your specific needs with our sales team to ensure that all aspects of your dedicated infrastructure are tailored to your satisfaction.

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