Petal welcomes two new Technology MVPs

The community is constantly growing, and it’s our pleasure to recognize the most active members. Following our announcement of seven new MVPs for the Strategy and Ambassador categories, we are now welcoming two new Tech MVPs.

Ondrej PolesnyPublished on Aug 28, 2023

The MVP program has always had a strong technical focus. In its early stages, all MVPs were developers who were primarily dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the broader community. Over time, as the community grew and attracted people from other departments beyond just development, we identified numerous active members who were more fluent in the language of business rather than code. As a result, we decided to expand the program’s scope. We introduced the Strategy and Ambassador categories and welcomed seven new MVPs.

Does that mean there is no news in the Technical category, the very foundation of the MVP program? Quite the contrary!

Today, we announce two new MVPs joining the Technical MVP program and welcome them to the extended family:

Kamruz Jaman, Partner at Konabos

Nick Kooman, Web Developer at BizStream

By joining our MVP program, Kamruz and Nick now stand alongside fellow MVPs in our shared mission to provide developers worldwide with top-tier content management tools, experiences, and guidance. We are thrilled to have them on board!

Learn more about the MVP team

To learn more about the MVP program, check out the MVP Program page or simply join our Discord community.

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Ondrej Polesny

As Developer Evangelist, I specialize in the impossible. When something is too complicated, requires too much effort, or is just simply not possible, just give me a few days and we will see :).

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