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We’re excited to introduce Mission Control, right in the platform. With a bird’s eye view of all content operations, find and fix bottlenecks, jump on new opportunities, and make the most of your efforts.

Monica RaszykPublished on Jan 17, 2024

Hyper-relevant digital experiences are what customers expect and remember. Personalization, localization, just-in-time content, the right channel availability: these are surefire ways to engage and get results. 

But pulling off these strategies off can be really, really hard. There are so many moving parts to manage—content plans to segment and adapt, copy to translate, legal reviews to get through. When a great piece of content finally makes its debut, you may find a frazzled content team in its wake. 

There is hope! In the midst of great pressure lie exciting opportunities, especially if you have the right technology backing up your people and processes. Today, we’re happy to share our latest product innovation to help your teams embrace the challenge and achieve true ROI on content production

All insights, all in one place

When content teams are spread thin, prioritizing “what’s next” can come at the expense of analyzing “what just happened”. Also, more often than not, the data isn’t even readily available, let alone actionable. 

At, we’re addressing this gap in content management.

Mission Control is a completely new main section of where content teams can monitor and measure every aspect of the content supply chain—from the pace of workflows to successfully met deadlines. Imagine the possibilities that come with this bird’s eye view, with real-time insights to guide your decisions. 

Mission Control composite image
Mission Control has everything you need to stay in-the-know

Now, content teams can understand what’s working and what’s not. And they’re empowered to make data analysis a daily practice, optimizing operations over time to generate big returns.

Getting started with Mission Control

No need to dig through past email chains to figure out how long approvals for white papers typically take. Or painstakingly search for unresolved comments across blog drafts. When everything is managed and monitored in the platform, it’s easy to follow the journey of your content from concept to delivery. 

And bringing Mission Control to the mix helps teams avoid potential time sinks, weigh the investment of a new piece of content, and better allocate available resources. 

Here’s what to expect when you activate Mission Control, right from your project environment settings.

  • Monitor the central dashboard: Access key insights at a glance for your selected time frame. Check in on content progress, tasks done on time, and items published on time in a convenient, easy-to-digest view.
  • Stay aligned on the status of all content: See what’s happening across all content items in the platform. Easily check for unresolved comments or lingering tasks. Refine results by contributor, workflow step, status, content type, and more.
  • Ensure teams keep pace: Track how long content items spend in specific workflow steps. Use this insight to spot and correct bottlenecks before they turn into full-on delays. 

As development moves forward rapidly—with your input, feedback, and experience—your teams can benefit from continuous updates and new insights. Recognize top performers, spot opportunities to refresh or reuse existing content, and even plan more achievable deadlines: it’s all happening!

Efficient content production in a platform designed for it is known for its uncompromising governance, easy-to-use collaboration capabilities, and “Create Once Publish Everywhere” headless approach. With new product innovations such as native AI assistance and Mission Control, content production in is more efficient than ever. 

Explore how other organizations make use of the suite of capabilities to streamline their content supply chain and improve content quality, consistency, and velocity: 

Now is a great time to adjust your experience to get the most out of your efforts and achieve an unparalleled return on your content in 2024. Not yet a customer and interested in learning more? Book a chat with one of our experts.

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Monica Raszyk

I head up the product marketing team at On the blog, I like to explore and share how organizations can achieve huge returns on one of their most strategic assets: content.

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