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Compare: Kentico Kontent vs. Contentful

Kontent.ai vs. Contentful.

Deciding between Kontent.ai and Contentful? For enterprise teams handling many types of content, Kontent.ai’s modular content platform offers both the flexibility and control required to smoothly scale global operations. 

Kontent.ai supports enterprise scale with a human touch

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    A platform designed for content creators

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    Organized collections of content

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    Unlimited content types to support future growth

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    Customer support for marketers and developers


Marketers love the familiar doc-style collaborative experience and simultaneous editing. The transition to headless is no biggie – and the ability to create and update content independently from developer timelines makes all the difference.

Why marketers and developers prefer Kontent.ai


Developers have the freedom to focus on what they do best: creating great digital experiences with the latest technologies and their preferred frameworks and languages. Structured content is delivered via our fully-documented API. 


Teams keep content consistent with governed processes and organized work spaces. In a Kontent.ai project, it’s easy to group content by areas of ownership, like regions, brands, or departments. Modular, structured content encourages reuse, extending the impact of everything that’s created.

Web Spotlight Brings Visual Website Building to Headless CMS

A smooth transition to headless with Web Spotlight

Web Spotlight empowers business users to build and manage their websites within the context of each page, while all content remains free to be reused across any other pages, websites, or digital channels.

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The most organized operations with Collections

Collections empower enterprises to eliminate content silos and manage all their content in a single repository. This makes it possible to establish a unified content strategy that improves quality and consistency across departments and geographic regions.

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