IDEA StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa is a rapidly growing software company that develops structural engineering applications used by customers worldwide. 

Their site is both an important marketing channel and a source of resources for their users. As their global user base expanded, they needed to unify their web presence and and ensure content is easy to maintain and update. 


  • Empowering a distributed marketing team while enforcing standards
  • Consolidating content from multiple legacy platforms
  • Enabling efficient localization into 9 languages


  • Structured, modular content models in
  • Collaborative editing workflows and permissions
  • A single source for all content in one CMS


  • Over 600 technical articles unified in one repository
  • Nearly 3x increase in website visitors
  • 4x increase in leads submitted via web

Unifying a content ecosystem

Prior to, IDEA StatiCa managed content on their site via multiple platforms. Marketing content was maintained using WordPress, while more technical content was handled using a different content system. With content siloed across different platforms, it was difficult to create cohesive user experiences, and difficult for IDEA StatiCa to work effectively across these systems. Security and scalability limitations also posed challenges, especially as the company was rapidly growing.

In 2020, they decided to migrate to a modern, headless CMS that could bring all their content into a single repository while integrating with their existing technologies.

Structured, modular content at scale

In, IDEA StatiCa established a modular content architecture with reusable components and content types. This allowed their content authors—most of whom are subject matter experts, not marketers—to easily create new pages and content without wrestling with layout and formatting.

They utilize's roles and workflows to define clear responsibilities while still empowering their team to create, edit, and publish content.

Automating multilingual publishing

As a company with a global user base, IDEA StatiCa translates their content into 9 different languages. It’s critical for their content solution to support robust localization workflows, and to be easy for translators to use. 

IDEA StatiCa has set up a webhook with that sends content to a translation service to maintain consistent terminology across locales. This has allowed them to dramatically streamline multilingual content publishing, saving up to 70% of their time spent on translating content.

Driving business growth

A unified source of content and an easier localization process has led to an improved site experience for both customers and employees. Employees can more easily create and interlink content, and visitors get a more cohesive, relevant experience.

And the results speak for themselves: since transitioning to, IDEA StatiCa has increased web traffic nearly three times, and lead submissions have quadrupled. It’s a great example of an incredible return on content, achieved by a dedicated company using best-of-breed technology.

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