Neilson Financial Services.

A life insurance provider brings sites to life in record time with a modern, composable approach.

Neilson Financial Services brings new brands to market fast by taking advantage of the flexibility and reusability provided by 


  • Needing to bring new brands to market quickly
  • Enabling content creators to work independently from developers
  • Finding how to manage multiple brands from a single repository


  • Building a flexible, modular content model to support multiple brands
  • Developing code and content simultaneously with a headless approach
  • Using collections to create boundaries for content within a single project


  • 14 websites designed and launched in house within 3 years
  • 30% decrease in production time for new sites
  • Marketers are free to create content without a need for developer support

Neilson Financial Services is a global specialist provider of life insurance, providing insurance products to customers through their network of brands and partners.

To provide the best coverage to customers, Neilson operates multiple brands in different regions. They’re currently growing and expanding their global footprint, which requires similar growth in their digital presence. 

Neilson manages their web presence internally: sites are designed, created, and maintained by their own in-house marketing agency, Thinkbait. Despite being a relatively small team, Thinkbait is extremely productive and efficient. Over the last three years, they’ve launched 14 new sites to support new brands for Neilson Financial Services.

Their speed and agility are a great example of what happens when you combine a skilled, driven team with best-in-class tech solutions.

Modularity enables speed

Launching a new brand takes a lot of time. Anything that can speed up that process is welcome, especially when timelines are tight. One of the ways Neilson keeps their processes fast is by managing content in takes a modular approach to content management. Content is broken into smaller, reusable chunks (for example, an “About us” chunk or a “product description” chunk). These chunks can then be used like Lego blocks to build new pages.

This is especially useful for a company like Neilson, where they need to create sites for many different brands that all offer insurance products. The look and feel of each brand is different, but many elements of the structure are similar. Modular content elements make it much faster to put together new sites with existing elements.

Supporting multi-brand governance in one content hub

Launching new brands is challenging, but managing content for those brands after they’re launched is also tricky. Many businesses that support multiple brands struggle with multiple content repositories: one for each brand, with no way to share content or structure across brands.

Neilson mitigates this issue with a feature called “collections”. Collections provide a way to create boundaries for content within a single content repository. For Neilson, that means they can keep all their multi-brand content in a single repository, while still identifying what content is meant for which brand. This makes it easier to share content and structures between brands, while allowing for different looks and feels for each brand.

Improving content velocity with independence

Modular content and clear governance help Nelson put sites together quickly, but there’s still the need to create content. And with as their content management solution, the team at Neilson can create content faster than ever.

With some legacy content management systems, content creators need to wait for support from development teams to make even simple copy edits. But with, content creators have total freedom to work on content on their own. Creators can write, edit, and publish content on their own, in a collaborative writing environment that’s built for writers.

This enables marketers and developers to work in parallel, making it even faster to bring new sites to life. This, together with the modular approach to content provided by, has led to a 30% decrease in the time it takes for Neilson to bring a new site from concept to production.

For a rapidly growing, technologically mature company like Neilson Financial Services, a modern approach to content management powered by leads to impressive results. If you’re interested in what could do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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