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PetCulture is a joint venture between Australian retail giant The Woolworths Group and insurance specialists PetSure. The PetCulture team aimed to build a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind online store for pet owners with the highest quality products, professional healthcare advice, as well as discounts and great value deals.

Responsible for the headless architecture and front-end build, Luminary was one of the teams working together to implement the final e-commerce solution. The PetCulture team wanted a headless CMS with a great content editor experience, and chose the modular content platform as the most suitable solution for this project.

by Luminary


  • The PetCulture team wanted to create an immersive online experience for modern pet owners and their pets.
  • They were looking for a headless CMS that would allow them to integrate with Shopify Plus and enable their editors to easily manage content.
  • There was also the issue of time, as the solution had to be created quickly.


  • The beta version of the website was released in just eight weeks.
  • Content editors can easily create and manage content for the website.
  • A comprehensive, personalized experience driven by a tightly integrated marketing technology stack made up of best-of-breed (no pun intended!) tools.


  • Relevant content is recommended based on each pet’s profile (breed, weight, age, etc.). 
  • The PetCulture store now delivers a customized shopping experience for pet owners in Australia.
  • The e-commerce platform offers 24x7 VetChat, pet insurance, auto-delivery, and other services.


In Australia, where there are more pets than people—29 million and counting—pets have become an integral part of daily life. The PetCulture team wanted to demonstrate that they understand the values of modern pet parents, so they set out to provide a unique online experience for them. Their goal was to celebrate the distinct personalities and needs of individual pets, together with the central role that cats and dogs play in Australian family life. To achieve this, they were going to create a platform that would champion the bond between pet and pet parent.

The Challenge

The PetCulture team wanted a site that would stand out from the crowd: one that would not only sell products for pets but also offer relevant tips and health advice and support the pet community in Australia. Moreover, to achieve a personalized experience, a part of the website was planned to provide tailored recommendations based on each pet’s profile. 

Another challenge of this project was time—the team working on the new store needed to launch the website in a very limited timeframe.

As part of the end solution, users had to be authenticated in both the Shopify Plus and platforms, with data being stored in Microsoft Dynamics as well.

Pet Culture website

The Solution

Luminary, the team responsible for implementation and the front-end build of the website, worked tirelessly to meet a tight deadline. After starting in November 2020, they were able to deliver the beta version of the complex site at the beginning of 2021—in only eight weeks. 

PetCulture implemented Web Spotlight, an additional tool that helps editors work on their website management. With in-context editing and the possibility of reusing content that fits every webpage, the PetCulture team was able to create an immersive online experience for modern pet owners and their pets.

With delivering content to the .NET Core front end, the PetCulture website offers a customized shopping experience for pet owners in Australia. After logging in, the user sees a personalized pet profile displaying the pet’s name, photo, breed, weight, favorite foods, and other information. Based on this data, the site personalizes the advice and products to suit each pet’s needs.

The visitor can choose from three membership levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and decide which works best for them and their pet. The pet experience program rewards each customer with status points that are used to access discounts, offers, and other rewards, all based around the activity and well-being of the pet parent and their pet. In addition to that, VetChat provides a 24x7 live support service, enabling pet owners to connect with veterinary professionals through video call or by using chat on their phone, tablet, or computer.


The PetCulture team is on the way to fulfilling their objective of happier, healthier pets (and pet owners) through amazing experiences and innovation. Editors can easily create and collaborate on new content in the headless CMS, and, to edit their web pages in context, they can leverage's Web Spotlight that was also implemented for this project. 

The content platform enables PetCulture to leverage integrations with best-of-breed services such as Shopify Plus, Bynder, and Salesforce. This way, the PetCulture team can deliver seamless user experiences across various channels and devices.

The e-commerce platform provides services that no other pet store in Australia can match, including:

  • High-quality products
  • Special offers and rewards
  • 24x7 VetChat 
  • Articles full of helpful and teaching tricks
  • Pet insurance
  • Auto-delivery
  • In-context website management

    with Web Spotlight from

  • 8 weeks

    to launch the first version of the site

  • Seamless integration

    between Shopify Plus and

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Because is so lean, lightweight, and intuitive, developers and content editors can start using it right away. It’s a different experience from a traditional CMS where we have to wait for visual design, front end, back end, and so on. We have a place that everyone can access from day one and work on their tasks.

Thai Tran, Solutions Architect/Team Lead, Luminary


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