YOLO Group

Democratizing the insurance technology business with a modern approach

YOLO Group is an insurtech company, among the leading ones in Italy and with a presence abroad, with two lines of offerings: services to enable digital distribution of insurance products from insurance companies, banks and retailers (e.g., utilities, GDO), and direct distribution of insurance products made in collaboration with companies.


  • Providing insurance tech solutions to a variety of clients and businesses
  • Building a scalable solution that continues to provide results alongside rapid growth
  • Finding an easy way for partner companies to manage their content


  • Creating a modern API-first platform for insurance products and services
  • Enabling partners to manage their own content via Kontent.ai
  • Achieving content governance with permissions, roles, and workflows


  • 7,000 users per day use the insurance platform
  • 1,000 policies per day managed digitally
  • 15+ partners managing content with Kontent.ai

Since the company’s founding in 2017, YOLO Group have experienced rapid growth and success due to innovative and flexible insurance tech solutions. The company has developed 55 partnerships in Italy and abroad to enable digital insurance offerings.

Bringing digital transformation to the insurance industry

In their role as an insurtech provider, YOLO Group helps make it easier for businesses to modernize their offering without needing to build new infrastructure from scratch. Thanks to YOLO Group’s products, companies can give customers modern, flexible ways to purchase and use insurance products.

For example, YOLO Group helped a bank launch a new insurance product that’s available directly in the bank’s online client center. Customers can now buy and activate insurance from their bank via their smartphone. YOLO Group worked with the bank to create the right insurance products for their customers, and make sure they’re easy to purchase using the customer’s existing account.

Enabling easy content management with Kontent.ai

YOLO Group makes it easy for customers to launch new insurance products. But their customers need a way to work with the content of their insurance products: the copy that pitches the product to end customers, the descriptions of the products, the language used in forms, and so on. And for this purpose, they rely on Kontent.ai.

Since Kontent.ai is a headless CMS, it’s a perfect fit for this type of use case. Kontent.ai provides a content repository and central hub where content can be created, stored, and retrieved. The content is kept independent of the presentation layer, which means each customer of YOLO Group can get an insurance product that matches the look and feel of their unique brand.

YOLO Group gets a single platform that can be used to manage content for multiple customers and projects. Permissions, roles, and workflows in the Kontent.ai platform ensure that only the right people can access the content for their specific project. And spaces and collections in Kontent.ai help create clear boundaries between content that’s meant for different sites and channels.

A big advantage of Kontent.ai here is just how user-friendly the authoring interface is. New users can be onboarded extremely quickly, which is key for bringing new insurance products to market as soon as possible. Another plus is Kontent.ai’s support for multiple languages and localization features: with an international client base, many of YOLO Group’s customers need to provide their content in different languages.

 A modern tech stack ensures great outcomes

The combination of YOLO Group's insurance know-how and innovative products with Kontent.ai’s flexible approach to content management ultimately means a win for consumers. By making it easier for companies to bring flexible, modern insurance products to market, consumers have more choice and options when it comes to how and what they insure. It’s a great illustration of how embracing modern technology is helping to democratize the insurance industry, leading to better outcomes for consumers and businesses alike.

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