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Why E-Commerce Customer Experiences Matter

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Your customers expect consistent and relevant experiences no matter where they engage with your brand. With’s headless CMS, exceed customer expectations by creating modern, channel-agnostic shopping experiences.

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Through the extensive omnichannel commerce project, Hartlauer is transporting its well-known top customer service into the digital world. We can optimally complement our range of existing stores and have thus created the basis for intensifying and strengthening existing customer relationships. At the same time, we have significantly more opportunities to build new customer relationships.
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Florian Freidhager, Head Of Digital, Hartlauer Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

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Customer Success

How an e-commerce platform increased their revenue by 30%

Hartlauer, an Austrian retailer with 160 stores, needed to explore new ways that would help them reach their customers. Discover how the brand found the right solution that allowed them to deliver compelling content to their website.

Solving content problems for retail organizations helps retail organizations:

  • Empower teams to work more efficiently and independently 
  • Keep messaging and content on-brand and consistent throughout all touchpoints
  • Create modern shopping experiences for their customers
  • Personalize the customer experience across all channels

Consistent, relevant, and on-brand experiences serve to help boost customer trust, helping organizations build and maintain a base of loyal customers. helps retail businesses create those experiences from a single, user-friendly platform.

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