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Enable high-performing content teams with an API-first content platform as a key player in your modern tech stack. empower teams to create omnichannel content with minimal developer support. 

Customer highlight: Algolia

Algolia, the leading Search and Discovery Platform provider, needed to support their growing content operations with a more powerful platform. helped them give their marketers independence to create content without requiring developer support. Developers also got back more time to focus on their own tasks.

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Enable high-performing teams with a modern content platform

Content silos in software and technology companies can slow down businesses and lead to poor information flow for both teams and customers. With as a single source of content truth, content teams can create content faster and with more independence.

Empower content creators 

Provide a best-in-class authoring experience to content creators across your organization.’s headless approach to content creation, allows writers to focus all their energy on content, without needing to worry about how it will be presented.

Break down content silos

Create a single source of truth for all content across your organization. With collections of content, taxonomies, and granular user roles and permissions, can create boundaries for all the content your business uses, within one CMS.

Support global, distributed, and remote teams

Encourage collaboration and teamwork wherever your teams are working from. Thoughtfully designed collaborative tools and automated notifications, delivered to your inbox, support synchronous and asynchronous working styles.

Integrate with existing and future tools

Power a modern, productive tech stack with an API-first CMS. easily integrates with all your current and future tools, powering not only your web and app presence, but also internal tools, including employee intranets.

A trusted partner for software and technology companies

It’s liberating for our content creators to be able to concentrate on the essentials. Using’s CMS, they can concentrate on what matters most: creating good content. When they realized they could publish information much faster—and even easier—with the new system, they also ended up producing more content.

Stefan ZueggSenior Web Developer, Südtiroler Informatik AG

Tackling content challenges 

for software and technology companies helps software and technology businesses:

  • Empower their content teams to create without reliance on developers
  • Build a single source of truth for all content in the organization
  • Improve employee satisfaction with easy-to-use intranets and employee portals
  • Support world-class customer care operations
  • Increase engagement with customers with omnichannel publishing

When you enable teams, they create better content. Better content leads to better customer relationships, trust, and loyalty. 

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