Enterprise content management for manufacturing.

Take control of your content supply chain with Empower global teams to go to market faster with enhanced collaboration, easy multichannel publishing, and a reliable source of truth for all your business content.

Optimize workflows with the smoothest collaboration

With, teams get content in front of audiences faster. Create, publish, and reuse content with ease, with unbeatable collaborative tools and a single source of content truth.

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    Easy content creation for marketers and creators

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    Headless architecture for developer teams

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    Fast, efficient teamwork and deep content governance

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    Manage multiple brands from one platform

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Our website has shifted from being a series of pages into a full-blown digital product. This is where and Gatsby have really been important. Without that combination, we wouldn’t be able to think about customer experiences the way we have, we wouldn’t be as nimble, and it would be much harder to really improve customer outcomes.

David Newman, Website Content Specialist, Intralox

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Customer Success

A composable Jamstack DXP helps American Bath Group deliver content faster.

A traditional monolith DXP hinders digital innovation and agility for brands. Feature sets may be bloated, effort duplicated, and teams & data often siloed. By investing in best-of-breed solutions and using Kontent as their headless CMS, American Bath Group was able to successfully migrate 10 sites with more than 50,000 products in just 8 months!

A trusted partner for manufacturing companies

Solving content challenges for manufacturing helps manufacturers:

  • Grant more independence to content creators, without excess reliance on IT teams for content updates
  • Get their content to the channels their audiences use, whether that’s on the web, a mobile app, printed content, or anywhere else
  • Simplify the localization process across teams and departments while maintaining governance over critical content
  • Create easy-to-use support and documentation portals and knowledge bases for customers and partners alike
  • Protect access to sensitive or confidential content, enabling the management of intranet content via

With as a headless CMS, manufacturers can streamline operations across teams, making it easier to go to market faster than ever before. 

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Innovative Knowledge Management for Manufacturing Companies

Learn how to govern large amounts of content and get started with effective knowledge management.

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