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Choose a data center for your project

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When you're creating or cloning a project in, you can choose which data center will store your data.

Table of contents

    Project and user data

    By choosing a location of a data center, your project data will be stored in the selected area. Project data represents all your content created in

    This does not include the user metadata required for to work, which will always be stored in the data center located in the West Europe region. The reason behind this is that users in can work on different projects across multiple data centers. Learn more about how handles personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

    To ensure the quality of the service, we are using the Microsoft Azure regions.

    Data center locations

    Below are the locations in which we support storing the data for your projects:

    • North America, East US (Virginia)
    • Europe, West Europe (Netherlands)
    • Australia, East Coast (New South Wales)

    When choosing one of the locations in the UI, the data centers will be displayed as East US, Netherlands, and Australia. The default option for the location of a data center is East US. This means that the East US data center will be automatically selected for your project unless you choose otherwise.

    Need to change the data center?

    To move your project's content to another data center, you need to clone the project.

    If you downgrade to a lower subscription plan, your data remains in the data center you chose when creating the project. uses a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered by Fastly to deliver content from your project to your website. The CDN has edge nodes all around the world, ensuring fast content delivery no matter the destination.

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