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  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • United Kingdom

At TEC, the passion for digital projects and innovation is part of our culture. It defines us not only professionally, but also as individuals. Alongside our passion, intuition and know-how are the foundation of any project involving the digital transformation.

Our extensive experience - while creating, maintaining, and upgrading digital projects - is successfully proven in live, major events, where tens of thousands of people use annually our in-house e-ticketing platform. The digital processes implemented for these customers have led to the creation of a smart festival.

When it comes to high-profile digitalization processes the golf championships are one of our most amazing references. We keep on redefining digital experiences for those platforms, delivering 24/7 support, performance optimization, enhanced live support and scoring platforms.

Besides our passion for digital projects and innovation, the passion for sports is part of our culture. We play, watch, read, talk sports. Before being experts when it comes to technology and sports, we are fans, first. This means that passion, intuition, and know-how are added as an extra benefit in any project involving sports.

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