Future-proof your content strategy: Overcoming challenges with the right CMS.

The efficiency and impact of your content operation is only ever as good as the content management system (CMS) that supports it. How you structure your chosen CMS influences the types of experiences you can create and deliver. As customer expectations are at an all time high, this can make or break your organization.

What are the options?

Content structures are either fixed, selectively flexible, or flexible, depending on whether you use a page-orientated, modified page-orientated, or native headless CMS. Comparing these options is like comparing apples and oranges. They might appear to do the same job—deliver content experiences to your customers—but on closer inspection, you’ll see that their functions and features can have a huge impact on the success of your business long-term.

How do I choose?

To help you understand the difference and make the right decision, we’ve highlighted five content management challenges and summarized their best practice solutions.

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    The freedom to dictate your content structure and schema

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    Using APIs that are flexible enough to meet your content delivery needs

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    Providing a seamless and unified end-to-end experience for all employees

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    Finding an authoring tool that supports your strategic content plan

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    Integrating enhancements from different organizations

Headless: A robust solution for future-proofed content management

The decisions you make about your content architecture have a big impact on the outcome of your content strategy. Stick with a traditional page-orientated CMS or an optional headless—and try to keep up with modifications and add-ons—and you risk a clunky, complex content operation. 

Increasingly, organizations are choosing a headless-native CMS because of its extensibility, flexibility, and capacity to adapt to future requirements. It’s the smartest choice for a modern, scalable solution that delivers the personalized experiences today’s buyers expect and that will serve your long-term business needs.

To understand more features, and compare them to other CMS solutions on the market, read our guide ‘How to compare CMS options.

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