Professional services

We at Kentico care deeply for our customers. Therefore, we always strive to provide world-class professional services designed to assist you in various phases of your project and focused on various personas, such as project managers, developers or editors.

Global technical support

We provide top priority 24x7x365 chat, email, and phone support with teams in Europe and United States, free for all our customers with active paid plans. Kentico Kontent support usually answers and starts working on your request within minutes and is always just one click away in our product and on vie the Intercom button. 

To get your answers as quickly as possible, read the recommendations by our Support Team Lead.

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Dedicated Customer Success Managers

Customer Success managers dedicated to your subscription provide implementation support and best practice advice to ensure you make the most of your content management system. 

Your Customer Success Manager will be in contact with your project manager, developers and end-users regularly to discover any road blocks in their beginnings and work with your team to remove them. These can be, for example, sharing latest implementation best practices or newly released features in our product, discussing roadmap plans and missing features, delivering end-user training or finding workarounds when your project hits the limits of our system.

Support team

Enterprise customer onboarding

We have a well-thought onboarding journey specifically designed for our Enterprise customers. See Enterprise customer onboarding page to learn more!

End-user training

To enable your employees work with Kentico Kontent easily, according to best practices while utilizing all features they have available, we can prepare a customized training session for them. 

Such training might be delivered through one-on-one online sessions, one-day online workshop, or even two-day custom training on-site in your offices.

Technical consulting

Starting any project might be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be with Kentico Kontent. It doesn't matter if you're starting a project from scratch, or if you are migrating an existing project. Our consulting services are designed to help you.


Content modeling package

This flexible service will help you create your content model, or validate your already existing content model. It is suitable for both technical and non-technical stakeholders. 

The package includes a series of online or onsite (subject to availability and additional costs) meetings and workshops to help you:

  • Understand the content-first approach to projects 
  • Expand and verify essential Kentico Kontent knowledge related to content modeling 
  • Identify your core content types 
  • Work out the project-specific metadata 
  • Optimize your content models for editors, maintenance, and re-use 
  • Review existing content and metadata specifications

The suggested time allocation for the full service is eight hours, which we recommend to be delivered in a series of one to two-hour meetings.

Content migration package

We provide guidance and expertise to help your team:

  • Analyze your current content architecture and strategies 
  • Map and model your content 
  • Prepare Kentico Kontent environment for your content 
  • Perform the migration

The package is delivered as a series of workshop sessions conducted via remote conferences. Workshops are generally around one to two hours where we discuss project details with relevant technical and business stakeholders. We suggest eight to twelve hours for most projects.

Integration Guidance

Are you looking for assistance connecting Kentico Kontent with other services your project requires? We're here to advise with topics such as:

  • Recommended approaches for your scenarios 
  • Which APIs to use and when 
  • API capabilities 
  • When to use a custom element 
  • Custom element best practices

The delivery consists of sessions conducted via remote conferences. We recommend 6 hours for an overview of integration basics. For more more advanced guidance or help with a proof of concept, please contact us for recommendations.

Ad-hoc consultations

When you need to tackle a specific problem, we can fit our assistance exactly to your needs and deliver a specific number of consulting hours. Before each consultation, you specify the topics you need to discuss, the questions we should answer, and your desired outcome. This lets us to choose the right consultant for the session. 

If you are not sure how much time you need, do not worry. We will work with you to prepare the time and cost estimate based on your requirements and, of course, our experience. 

To get started, contact our consulting team directly.

What's next?

To begin, connect with us, and we'll be happy to help.