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A composable Jamstack DXP helps American Bath Group deliver content faster.

A traditional monolith DXP hinders digital innovation and agility for brands. Feature sets may be bloated, effort duplicated, and teams & data often siloed. By investing in best-of-breed solutions and using Kontent as their headless CMS, American Bath Group was able to successfully migrate 10 sites with more than 50,000 products in just 8 months!

Transforming the online experience for a leading manufacturer for the hospitality industry.

Kimball Hospitality partnered with BizStream to rebuild their architecture and transform their existing website into an online experience their customers would love. Selecting to manage their product details and extensive imagery in a format that allowed them to highlight key information throughout the website, they’ve seen dramatic results in their visitor experience. 

Kimball Hospitality Website

Delivering localized, multichannel content experiences to customers throughout Europe.

Kramp needed to evolve their online presence, as their existing systems no longer met the expectations of a new generation of employees and customers who had grown accustomed to modern digital experiences. They identified as a key component to deliver localized, multichannel content and campaigns to regional markets throughout Europe.

Helping thousands of hospitals and people all over the world.

INEOS Hygienics was created in response to the global shortage of hand sanitizer to help in the fight against Covid-19. In less than ten days, INEOS built six manufacturing plants in the UK, Germany, France, and the USA to produce one million bottles of sanitizer every month and donate them to thousands of hospitals. The MTM Agency was given 24 hours to deliver a site communicating the company’s charitable endeavor and chose as the platform most suitable for this project. Later, MTM also developed an e-commerce site offering hand sanitizers and other products helping people protect themselves from viruses.

Rearchitecting an enterprise website onto a modern platform.

Intralox moved their main website from a legacy content management system to a modern platform that lets them expand their digital offerings to customers while responding faster to internal business requests. They adopted a microservice-based architecture that separates their website features into different components, allowing them to make changes without impacting other parts of the website and freeing them to connect with external services as needed. They then combined with Gatsby to generate static web pages that load faster, improve their SEO rankings, and deliver a more customer-focused experience.

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