Q1 2023 release wrap-up: More control over content operations

We’re always improving Kontent.ai to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Check out how the releases from Q1 2023 help teams gain more control over content operations and manage multiple websites easily.


Radka Uhlirova

Published on Apr 4, 2023

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Cost effectiveness and time to value are some of the biggest challenges many organizations have been dealing with lately. Therefore, over Q1 of 2023, we’ve focused on delivering new functionality that helps teams save time and resources, while staying on top of all things content, when targeting different audiences and local markets.

Managing multiple websites and previews efficiently

Even when organizations need to be able to reach their audiences on various devices and channels, websites are still the main point of contact for communicating with customers. As many organizations have multiple websites for varied business offerings, and branding and marketing purposes, it might be challenging to keep track of all content updates. With Kontent.ai’s latest releases, you can easily have control over all that content and speed up the time to market. 

  • Manage multiple websites with spaces: With spaces, you can manage multiple websites under one project. Spaces allow you to easily reuse content across websites, while producing website-specific content at the same time. You can configure and view your preferred spaces on the environment level.
Multiple spaces
  • Set up multiple previews: Along with spaces, you can now also set preview URLs for specific websites. Having multiple spaces and previews enables content creators to not only easily find and edit, but also preview content in context of specific websites. Once you set up space domains and preview URLs, content creators can simply select the right preview to use when editing a specific content item.
Multiple previews
  • Work with content for multiple websites in a single Web Spotlight project: Last but not least, we added multisite support to Web Spotlight, so content creators can easily find and edit the content for multiple sites within a single Kontent.ai project. For example, when you have four spaces, you can create a page tree and a preview for each of them.
Multiple previews in Web Spotlight

Streamlining processes and ensuring language consistency

Another reason why organizations might need to be able to manage multiple websites, or even language versions, is targeting audiences in different geographic locations. Let’s take a look at how Kontent.ai’s new features can help you be in control of content operations and ensure consistency across all languages.

  • Limit your workflows to collections: Teams can use collections to differentiate between the content for each of multiple websites or to group related content within one website. But no matter which approach you take, you can now limit your workflows to individual collections. For example, different company departments often require different workflow steps and approval processes, so you can set up your workflow so that content in the Marketing collection is limited to the Marketing workflow.
  • Choose from two language fallback options: Language fallbacks determine how the Delivery API behaves when you request content in a specific language, but that content hasn’t been translated to that language. The default fallback behavior aims for language consistency of the returned content. You get linked content only if it’s translated to the same language as the parent content item. Or you can choose the opt-in fallback behavior, which always gives you the best possible language variant for every linked content item and returns fallback variants for untranslated content items. You might get linked content even if it isn’t translated to the same language as the parent content item.

Keeping your content both secure and accessible

Whether you’re working with public-facing or password-protected content, you need to deliver seamless experiences for your customers. Especially when you’re delivering content to multiple channels and integrating with other services, like customer and partner portals, it’s important that the content is secure and up-to-date. Check out how Kontent.ai’s recent releases help protect your content and keep it fresh.

  • Create personal API keys: For Management API and Subscription API, you can now create personal API keys and also set custom expiration dates for them. The new API keys inherit permissions of the user who creates them. The API keys created before January 23, 2023 are now deprecated and will stop working after April 30, 2023.
  • Remove deprecated API keys: If you’ve already started using the new personal API keys for Management API, you can now remove the deprecated API key. The deprecated API key remains available and valid until April 30, 2023. We recommend you switch to the new personal API keys before that date.
Remove old API key
  • Synchronize content updates with Sync API: For a smoother implementation of content refresh and synchronization scenarios, teams can use the new Sync API. Compared to webhooks, Sync API enables you to consume content changes on demand, and is great for asynchronous or periodic change processing. This approach is useful for large projects that process a high volume of notifications, as it helps prevent potential performance issues. Additionally, it can be utilized in mobile applications to synchronize on-demand content over mobile data connections. Sync API is now generally available!

Getting up to speed with content modeling

To help you understand why content modeling is key to your project’s success, we added a new micro-course, The 'Why' behind your content model. We also redesigned the Advanced content modeling course into multiple new courses so that you can better retain the knowledge you gain.

This new approach starts with basics and gradually dives into topics that emerge on your content modeling journey. We recommend that you complete the courses as follows:

Looking ahead

In the upcoming months, we remain committed to improving content operations for both business and engineering teams! You can look forward to previews for multiple resolutions in Web Spotlight, so that you can preview what your content looks like on a tablet or mobile device.

To check out every single release from Q1 2023 in detail, you can look into our product changelog. And if you don’t want to miss any future updates, you can subscribe to all changes via RSS.

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